ATI 5770 problem.

Intel E4600. 2X2 Gb DDR2. P5QL-CM. XFX 5770. Cooler Master 500W. 1Tb samsung HDD. I know my config is not great for gaming but i can still max out many recent games like MassEffect 2, Medal of Honour, Dragon Age and so on. But the problem is that i can't play FIFA 11 at all. It seems as if my graphic card just can't handle it and so much lag but I don't beleive that cause I can max out at some other more system hog games. I have been having this issue since FIFA 10. I have tried updating my drivers but didn't help. Can any of you help me out.
P.S. Am a FIFA fan have been playing it since 98 want to now.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. your card is fine for that game,the only thing you need to do is to upgrade your processor to a better and fast dual core or a quad core if you can afford it.if you cannot upgrade cpu now then overclocking it upto 3.2 ghz might help.
  2. is over clocking at that speed safe. i usually turn on my pc about 18 hrs a day. if safe kindly show me how.
  3. well personally i dont think it would be a big jump in today's standard.going with a core 2 duo above 2.8ghz would be my recommendation.if you can find a decent cpu cooler than yeah it should be safe.try it.g43 chipset is good overclocking especially asus.
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