Are these compatable? Should I replace one or the other?

I currently have a BIOSTAR A880G+ motherboard with the G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM F3-10666CL9D-8GBXL. I've been trying to troubleshoot a problem where I would try to install windows/ any OS really and my computer would either force itself into sleep mode or reboot itself upon the install disc booting. Through troubleshooting I drew the conclusion it HAD to be the motherboard being defective. Upon further investigation, I looked at the memory compatability for the board and only ONE of the 4gb Ripjaws models is compatable with my motherboard, and it isn't the one I have.

So, I've heard that even if it's not listed, it could still be compatable because they cant list all memory models. I tested the memory with memtest and passed everytime, does this mean my motherboard is compatable with the RAM I bought? If not, would the errors i'm experiencing trying to install OS's point towards incompatability?

Also, would I be better off just buying new memory or buying a new motherboard? If it's incompatability i'f buy the memory as it'd be ~$20 cheaper. If it's more towards the board possibly being defective, I'd obviously rather return the board for a board that is compatable with the Ripjaws x series.
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  1. It's not a compatibility problem.

    You need to give us more information.

    Is this a new build that you never got working?

    Or is this a computer that recently started having problems?

    What are all the components? How old are they?
  2. Here's the thread I had up:

    If it's not a compatability problem, i would have to say it's the MB, and it needs replacing. I could be wrong, but I see very few other scenarios.
  3. Have you tried installing windows with the video card connected? Maybe it's a issue with the motherboards onboard graphics?

    Also you could try pulling the cmos battery from the motherboard for 5 minutes and putting it back in and then retry.
  4. If I put in the Radeon 6850 wouldn't I not be able to get it to run because i need to install the drivers? Which isn't possible unless I can into an OS to run the install disc? Or would I be able to run it anyways if i switch the BIOS to try going through the Radeon instead of the on-board? Also, pulled the battery already, i troubleshooted this for literally a week, very few things I havent tried.

    Also something i've noticed. The power supply doesnt power the HDD and in order for the system to recognize the HDD I need to use another Power supply in another computer to get the HDD running. This would point to a power supply problem, no? Would this indirectly cause the other issues I'm having?

    Thanks again for trying to help.
  5. No you don't need drivers to use a video card, lol. How would you build a new computer and see anything on the screen if you couldn't use a video card without drivers??

    I have no idea what your talking about with the power supply.....your power supply doesn't power the hardrive...huh?
  6. Yeah even if I use the cord that provides power to the disc drive fine, it wont power/setect the drive. The minute I hook it up to a separate power sopply, it gets detected just. Either way, Im ordering a new power supply tonight and will rebuild once it comes in and see where I am.
  7. umm...yeah...if you need a separate power supply to run your hd......then you should probably get a new psu before going on a forum and asking what's wrong...
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