Need help ASAP with Router and Access Point setup!

Hello all!

I just wanted to ask your expert opinions on setting up an access point I am having severe issues with.

My current setup is as follows (kinda complicated so please feel free to simplify if I did something wrong)

I have a DSL router which I have connected to a router, D Link DIR-655, and since it has 4 ports, I took a wire out of the router and brought it back to a switch (also a D Link) which caters for the wired connections. Because of the location of the router, there was not enough signal strength to go around the house, which is made of concrete. So I bought a TP Link Access Point, TL-WA601G. I got that setup and running with no issues. The ONLY issue I have now is that I can't seem to set a security on my network.

The MAIN issue however, is that there is one area of the house where Wi-Fi is needed, so I went out and got myself another access point, however this time, I got a Linksys BEFW11S4.

I need help in configuring that. Please let me know how I can set all that up. I have one IP ( which is for the DSL Modem and one more ( for the wireless router. The TP Link doesn't need an IP, if it needs to be configured, we just attach a LAN cable.

Thanking you all in advance....
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