Brand new build, LAN on motherboard does will not connect to internet

Hey everyone! I recently bought a new computer, and I'm having trouble with the new p8z68-v pro/gen3 motherboard.

I turned on and installed Windows 7 for the first time, I had everything plugged in, network cable, everything, yet my internet icon still showed a red X, I restarted everything, rebooted everything and went from modem, router to computer, still nothing. I have another computer here, hooked it up and the internet works just fine in the same set up.

I'm trying to connect to the internet, but it says it cannot find the drivers to the network adapter and it tells me to download new drivers, but I can't connect to them to get them.

I tried downloading the driver info on the other computer onto a Flash Drive, and tried putting it onto the new computer, but it won't recognize the flash drive, but it can find my keyboard and mouse.

I could use a little help here, any suggestions?
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  1. Also the LAN port has a orange light that pops on when I plug in the network cable.

    Put the disk in that came with your board and install the LAN driver.
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    You have to install the motherboard driver for the LAN to function. Win7 doesn't do that automatically. Use the driver disk that came with the board to install all the needed drivers.
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