New system under $600

Hi guys,
I m on a budget of $600 need a gaming desktop(AMD Phenom II based)
kindly give me configuration with detailes(with options if possible)
thanks a lot if u do me a favour...
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  1. read the how to ask for a new build advice topic before posting!!!
  2. I'll suggest the system in my signature, its about $590:

    i5-2400: $190
    4 GB DDR3: $40
    ASRock H61M-VS: $60
    seagate 500 GB HDD: $40
    HIS HD 6850: $165
    DVD burner: $19
    CX 430 PSU: $45
    HEC Blitz case: $40
    Total: $598

    My $30 case is out of stock and deactivated, unfortunately. I like it, but its gone.
  3. ^+1

    My siggy has another build allowing more upgrade room
  4. Dont see how you can get good memory (PC1600) by a respectable brand for $40, would think bout $60.
  5. the $40 ram is a variety of brand of basic DDDR3-1333 ram, which is good enough.
    G.Skill & Mushkin are my usual choices. The difference between 1333 and 1600 is imperceptible outside of benchmarks.
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