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I am having a problem with my ATI 5770. I am running like 50c(Desktop only)/80c(Load). I opened the side and put a desk fan blowing the air but I can't seem to keep it under 76c-80c(Load).

I have a small Dell case and a small dell motherboard. Running a i5-650 and 8GB of Ram.

I believe the case and case fan is are too small and am thinking of starting there. The problem is that I will need a new motherboard and then case in order to do this because of Dell's small motherboards.

I have cranked the fan up to like 75% and I can keep the temp down to like 75c(load) but i'm worried about the card still.

My question is this:

Where should I start in my process of cooling down my GPU/system.

I believe New motherboard then Case/Case Fan?


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  1. first of make sure your GPU heatsink and fans free from dust. replacing motherboard and getting new case will cost you money. maybe you can get cheap mobo and some cheap mid tower case but i don't think you need to replace all those parts just to keep your gpu temperature cool. besides there is no need to replace things that aren't broken in the first place. other way around is just getting new case but honestly i don't know if dell mobo can use after market case. can't you do something about your case air flow? that is one of the easiest way if you want to keep your ambient temp low
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    80c load temp is fine for that card, and you should expect to need the fan speed to be at that kind of level at full load too. 50c does seem a little high for idle - I have an Asus 5770 which idles around 30-35c with 30-40% fan speed, however its in a full ATX case with 120mm intake and exhaust fans - and your card may have a lower default fan speed to begin with. (Also check that it is downclocking when in 2d mode as it should)
    I would not be hugely worried by your current temps, but improving case airflow will help.
    If you have a Dell then you may need a new motherboard and cpu cooler if you want to swap into a new box. I've not seen inside any Dells of late but they used to go in for proprietory board, cpu cooler and case designs. Perhaps if you can list your Dell model someone may be able to enlighten you on which of these components (if any!) are standard parts and could be re-used in a matx/atx build.
    The other option (assuming there are no free spots to add-in new fans) is to either upgrade your current fans to higher airflow models - or go diy; get the drill out and 'create' some new fan mounting points in your current case!
  3. If you have space to add more fans (intake and exhaust equally important) do so, but I agree with MMchlachlan.

    Most modern cards with some capability run hot like that. My 3 5850s get into the 70s after 20 minutes into an MOH or a BFBC2 session and stay that way for hours without a problem. This is not unusual.

    No real cause for alarm.
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  5. Thanks guys.

    I added a fan to my case and was able to keep the temp around 45c Idle and 75c max full load.

    I am saving for a new case and from what it appears, my Dell will switch over so if I do not have to buy a new motherboard I am not going to.

    Thanks for the reply.
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