Need advice on which router to purchase...

First off I am not great with networking. I need help picking out a new router.

I currently have a Linksys Wired BEFSR41 router and use it to connect all 3 of my computers (2 pcs and 1 laptop) together as a home network. One pc has XP Pro x32, the other has W7 Ultimate x64 and the laptop has W7 Ultimate x64 as well. I am needing to move my pcs around and am in need of a wireless router.

Right now the computers are within a few feet of each other and are all in my office. I will be moving the XP pc to the living room and using it on our lcd tv as a media center. This will be aprox 40 feet away in my 1 story home with only 1 wall being a barrier. That pc currently has a linksys wireless g card in it. My laptop and other pc will remain in my office. I am wanting to get a new wireless N router but I have no idea which one to get.

All my machines are Core 2 Quads (even the laptop being a Q9000) with lots of RAM, high end video cards and are very good and solid systems. If need be I'll list each machine's specs in another post.

I use the pcs in the following manner...

XP PC - This is my wife's machine and it is used for gaming (some online gaming), streaming music, videos from youtube, hulu, blockbuster online streaming videos, and all sorts of other media. It is pretty much a toy and where we keep all of our digital photos, home videos, etc.

W7 pc - This my machine that I use for day trading. I constantly stream live data into my charting software and use it online 99% of the time it's on. This one will stay wired in to whatever router I get.

W7 laptop - This is my travel day trading machine. I use it in the same way but not as heavily. I also have my trading chat rooms and news alerts open on this machine when I'm at home and working on my main pc. It has a wireless AGN card in it (5100 i think).

What I need is a router that will give me a very fast connection for all these purposes simultaneously. Right now, with the wired router, If I'm downloading something on one machine it slows the other 2 machines download speed down quite a bit. I don't know if that's normal but that's the case. I used to have an old Linksys WRT54G v4 but exchanged that to my father in law for the wired router because he had a greater need than I did. This was earlier this year. I don't remember having any speed problems on that router as I just described with this wired router but I'm not 100% sure about that.

The big kicker in all this is I live outside of the city and my high speed internet is 1.5mb dsl. It is the fastest option available in my area. The only other choice I have is from Hughes Net and I'm not even going there as I have heard more horror stories about them than I can remember.

From the little reading I've done I think I'll get what I'm looking for from a simultaneous dual band 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz router keeping my wireless G card in my xp machine, using my wireless AGN card in the laptop and keeping my W7 pc wired. Am I correct in this assumption?

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks for reading...EWB
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  1. I think you know that the router antenna work like umbrella.
    when you place your router in the basement you are killing the signal , the best position of a router is to be on the second floor.
    the best router that i have installed to my costumer and I never had problem was the linksys wrvs4400n
    but it is expensive on this router you can't add extra antenna.
    you have other option
    the d-link router dir-330 this router you can add extra antenna for example the tp-link antenna model :
    tl-ant2409a its 2.4ghz 9dBi
    so Good luck and if you need more help do not hesitate to ask
    best Regards
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