ATI Radeon HD 5570 question.

Hi i recently purchased the packard bell ipower x3.0. I'm loving this pc as it's super quick and far more powerful than anything i have used before. However i was wondering if the graphics card that is in the title (which comes with it) is good enough to play most games. I am going to be buying a new graphics card but not for a few months and i want to play games before i get the new graphics card
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  1. You can play, you'll have to just reduce the quality, resolution and deal with low framerates in most games. I'd be curious to see what you can do with it, though.

    You could download fraps and let people know what kind of performance you get in different games. You can actually get an idea of what you might be looking at from the tomshardware reviews:,114.html
  2. So the graphics card isn't that bad? I know its no the best but it should be ok to play say black ops or bfbc2? Also i have 6gb ram do you think its worth upgrading to 8?
  3. It should play those games just fine at low settings and not too high resolutions.

    6gb is plenty for gaming and all of today's application, upgrading to 8gb won't make any difference at all unless you do lots of heavy 3d and video editing.
  4. On the chart it shows the single 5570 in BCBF2 at 15.5 fps with high details. I don't know how much better you're going to get by going low-res and decreasing the details.

    You definitely don't need to increase your RAM. 6GB is fine.

    If I were you, I'd save any money you have for the RAM and put it toward getting a new video card sooner. I'd start with considering a 5770 as a minimum. After rebates, you can get these for around $100 these days. If you have $200 to spend, you'll really have a decent card for playing most games (though not at the highest settings).
  5. Thanks a lot for all your help. You say that if i pay 200$ i should be able to play most games but not at highest settings. What would i have to pay for a card that would let me play at highest settings on most games?
  6. I think he was exaggerating a little too much. A $165 5850 gets you playing all latest games max or near max at up to 1920x1080, at 1680x1050 my 5850 eats any game I throw at it with AA and everything, except metro 2033 that is barely playable at max, though it was $300 at the time I bought it.

    It depends alot on what resolution you're at, if you have 2560x1600 or multiple monitors it's a totally different story.
  7. im usig a 1920x1080 res so if i buy the 5850 i should be able to play most games max?
  8. Also you say your using 5850 but i just checked and theres lots of different 5850 versions. I know i probably sound like a right newb but what 5850 do you mean?
  9. If you can get a 5850 for $165, do it. It's a great card for the money.

    Personally, I liked the 5850 so much, I got 3 of them - though I wish I paid $165 for each of them. I prefer the Gigabyte OC edition because of the cooling solution on them. They run 10C cooler than my HIS standard edition and are clocked a little faster, but like I said $165 is a great deal on that thing. Although, the Diamond is the one to which you're referring Wiinoppongamer?

    When I got my second 5850, I chose the Diamond. I had to return the Diamond because it failed to function. I took it back and got the Gigabyte. I see there are quite a few rebate options out there now through newegg.

    The cost of all the other 5850s are still around $200 and above with $20-$30 in rebates. The Diamond used to be one of the higher priced 5850s running $279 everywhere 3 months ago. I wonder why the Diamond dropped that much? Even at that, it's still a good price if you get one that works. For me, when I have choices and am forking over a nice chunk of change, I tend not to give a brand a second chance. That's just me.

    Parry93 - If you have the coin for the 5850, choose the brand you trust and go with it. They all are pretty much built to the same spec, though like I said above, you can find some factory OC editions.
  10. im going to purchase the diamond 5850 then. My pc spec will then be 6gb ddr3 ram, diamond 5850, 2 x 1tb hard drive, i7 psu. Is this decent for gaming?
  11. It should be pretty damn good for gaming and general computing.
  12. Good :)
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