Need help building first gaming PC.

I guess I'd call myself a hardcore gamer I play 'console' 2-9 hours per day. But I'm getting tired of console. I used to be a PC gamer for thigns such as WoW and Left 4 Dead but I think it's time to upgrade.

My max budget is 1200$ including shipping and monitor, etc.

I'll be using it for hardcore gaming I want to max out everything with 60 fps no problem.
I want a 1920x1080 monitor
Want it max out games like: WoW, Left 4 Dead, Dragon age, Crysis 2 (atleast 30 fps), Oblivion, etc.
I prefer radeon
For CPU I don't really care if it performs better for the same price as the other one then go for that.
I want to be able to CF 2 powerful GPUs
I will be adding more ram and replacing the CPU
Biggg case.

Generally an upgradeable long lasting PC.
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