Speed of wireless router not powerful enough?

We are supporting 3 wireless laptops and a wireless desktop using a standard router connected to the cable modem on a desktop upstairs. All day we are resetting the router. What do we need to do.
Thank you.
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  1. what router are you using? What type of walls do you have?
  2. Emerald said:
    what router are you using? What type of walls do you have?

    We are using Netgear at 54 mbps. The house is a newer brick two story. Since I cleared any other radio waves away from the router it seems to be doing better. Maybe the cordless phone was causing the problem. Thank you for your input.
    Also, I'd like to mention something else for other people that might run into a similar problem. When I turned off my smart phone and removed the sim card was when I really noticed the difference. I have a new carrier and phone with the wifi enabled and have had no problems.

  3. should you be still be unsatisfied with the performance try an N Router like the Linksys E2000
  4. Thanks for the info. It was something I needed to know.
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