Asus MB, no post just LED codes..

dont have any idea where to start on this. computer will power up but no splash screen. LED on the board will stick at 78 or 9A. PSU was tested I removed ram sticks one by one still the same idk what else to try

asus maximus iv extreme-z
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  1. greyclear said:
    dont have any idea where to start on this. computer will power up but no splash screen. LED on the board will stick at 78 or 9A. PSU was tested I removed ram sticks one by one still the same idk what else to try

    asus maximus iv extreme-z

    so theres no display on the screen at all? If not it can be a number of things unfortunately. This actually happened to me yesterday and now I have to get a new PSU and motherboard. Hopefully its not the same for you. Luckily I had quite the assortment of spare computer parts so by trying a large combination of things I was able to determine that the PSU was dead and the motherboard was dead. First off clear your CMOS values. To do this unplug your computer and remove the CMOS battery then wait a minute or two. Pop it back in and plug the PC in and try it. If thats not the remedy then this is what i did: I took the board out of the case to make all this easier, and what I did is just plug in the essentials: the 24 pin power to the motherboard, 4 or 8 pin power to cpu, make sure the CPU fan is plugged in, keyboard plugged in, if theres not onboard display adapter make sure your graphics card is seated correctly, and one stick of ram. (If possible try to get the power line from the front panel of your case plugged into the board so you can still use the button on the case, if you cant get it to reach then you have to start the computer by touching the positive and negative at the same time with a screwdriver) See if you post, if not try a different graphics card or pcie slot, if thats not it move the ram to a different slot, if still fail try another PSU see if you post, try the original PSU on a different computer if possible so you can determine if the PSU is the problem. A PSU can power the fans and lights but still be bad so keep that in mind. If none of that works then you might have to return some parts to the manufacturer. I understand that it is very frustrating but just relax and stay positive. I hope you find a quicker and easier solution then me, I'm been put back on the rig I built in 2006 while I wait for parts :(
  2. Ok, do me a favor, and plug your Motherboard Speak into the proper pins on your motherboard. I know they are annoying but atleast this will help figure out the problem. There will be a series of beeps from the Mobo speak upon post. Sounds like a grapics problem. But the best way to trouble shoot, is to start unplugging parts 1 at a time. this will generally tell you what the cause is. Also if unsure about beep codes. Please Refer to your motherboards manual for Beep codes.
  3. do you have a q led that still on ,the 78 refer to acpi module initialization and 9a usb initialization started.use your motherboard user manual to check all bios settings
  4. sorry the code is 79, not 78. The manual does tell me what the code stands for but I am have no idea why it is doing it because I am trying to figure out what component is damaged or dead so I know which to purchase This board is so new isn't a lot of troubleshooting guides. Thought I would try some self help over the weekend but might have to call ASUS no one seems to know what these two codes mean.

    I tried a reset. This board comes with two ways, button on the board and software that you connect with USB cable to clear the cmos both have been done.

    i dont think this board beeps hence the LED codes that you can see from the board.. with the ram out it stops at code 53, manual says memory initializing error invalid memory type. So the board knows there is no memory
  5. hmm but it does make it past that code most of the time probably a comb of both board and cpu wont really know honestly without spending the money I guess to find out
  6. The board has a 3 year warranty on it so Ill just RMA it save myself the trouble..ill post an update when this is all said and done with so when the next person who googles an answer will know what happened, probably be a while though
  7. how long have you had the board? and who did you purchase it from?
  8. December 30th 2011, bought it from

    No guarantee they will take the board back but we'll see.
  9. hrmm yeah i was gonna say sometimes newegg will send you a replacement that you can use while they process your return. get on the phone with asus and see if they can work something like that. Otherwise you have to send it to them and wait, probably take 2.5 to 3 weeks unfortunately.
  10. newegg wont do anything already asked. ill have to wait on ASUS now and see
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