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HElp on compatibility of CPU with RAM

I have a technical problem. I have to upgrade my RAM on my desktop.

Specifications :

CPU - Intel core i5 750 @ 2.67 GHz, Lynnfeild, socket 1156 LGA

Mother board: ASUS P7P55D

Operating system: Windows home premium, 64 bit.

Now I checked on the Intel site - this CPU supports DDR 3 RAM upto 1333 Mhz only. Any faster , I will have to overclock the CPU. FSB to 160 from 150. Maybe tinker with the BIOS. I do not want to do that.

The motherboard however is compatible with 1600 MHz speeds.

Both Corsair and Crucial sites say DDR 3 1600 MHz will work, but neither consider the CPU, they only ask about the motherboard type and number.

Which RAM will be compatible with my system? I plan 2 X 4 GB = 8 GB, should be OK with my OS. I want to use 1600 Mhz , but this may not work.

TO add to the confusion an Intel document says 1600 Mz is compatible -

Obliged if someone can shed light.
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    1600 ram is backward compatable with slower ddr3. It's actually the same price as some slower ram, so I would recommend it. Crucial, corsair, kingston, hynix, pny, pqi, and gskill all work fine; get it in 1.5v if the price is right. This ram will run at 1.5-1.65v, as some boards won't go lower than 1.6.
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