2 x ATI 5770 expectations vs 2 x 6850

So for a year now I have been running a XFX 5770 and haven't had any issues. I am doing some upgrades to my PC to include getting another 5770 and running 2 of them together.

After reading all the suggestions on getting the 6850 over the 5770 I am questioning just selling my 5770 and buying instead 2x 6850.

I know the 6850 is a better card then the 5770 but would I be able to expect very high performance from 2x 5770's or will I be disapointed and wish I would have just got 2 x 6850's?

I already paid for the 2nd 5770 to ship out but if I returned it I would still owe another $238 to buy 2x 6850's and could try to sell the currently installed 5770 that is in my machine now on eBay.

Thanks for you help!
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  1. First off, what kind of games are you looking forward to play? Don't tell me Black Ops because my friends HD 4650 can play that smoothly.

    Apparently the 6850 CF scaling is VERY good, comparable to the GTX 460 SLI. It is definitely one of the most bang for bucks setup you can get. Hd 5770 CF still does well, but if you're looking for something that is future proof and "can run Crysis", then 6850 CF is the way to go.
  2. Actually I play CoD on the PS3 primarily I play Final Fantasy XIV on the PC and try to play in 1920x1080 which I can but have to turn off a lot of features or the frame rates drop pretty bad.
  3. I should also note that I use this machine to edit HD video as well, so far no issues but have used newer better cameras the video bit rates are getting higher. I was hoping adding another 5770 would be overkill and I won't have to worry about video cards for a couple years.

    However after reading about the 6850 and it isn't much more money if I should just go that route.
  4. From a $$$s standpoint, you can pick up 5770s for $100 after rebates these days. Two 5770s are definitely a less expensive option.

    I agree with linh6496 depending on what kind of games you're looking to play. COD should work fine with two 5770s.
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