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Difference bet i3 - 2100 vs i5 2500 excluding the no of cores

i know that i5 has 4 cores but i3 has 2 cor2s with ht so slightly slower than quad core what is the other difference i know i3 has 3mb cache and i5 has 6mb is there any major difference for these two processors
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  1. The i3 being a dual core and the i5 being a quad core is itself a major difference. The extent of difference can be seen in the benchmarks. The cache count is mathematically same i.e. per core cache is same on both (256KB L2 and 1.5MB L3). Other than that, the TDP of the i3 2100 is 65W as opposed to 95W on the i5 2500. The i3 2100 also has no turbo boost feature.
  2. so tell me a gaming graph card to a i3 2100
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    Depends on your budget. I would love to recommend a GTX 580. But a single GTX 560 Ti or HD 6950 1GB/2GB is plenty enough for some high setting gaming at 1080p.
  4. Why do you have 2 threads which are the exact same thing? Get off your ass and google all this. 1 more thing its graphics card not graph card.
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