Hello, well i currently am running a phenom quad core 3.0ghz x2 and 4gb of ddr3 1333mhz and a 9800gt and i have mafia 2 and im getting like 12-20 fps when settings are on high when my resolution is a 1600x1050

every were i look my frames should be at like 30-50 what the heck is the problem can someone help me out with this bind and o yea i got windows 7
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  1. This game can bring even some of the most expensive cards out there down to a crawl so you are no different. If you want better performance look into going sli if broke or getting a new card like a GTX 460 or a 6850. If you have a second pci-e slot and your psu isn't junk then you can use both cards with the new card being the one that does the graphics ect while the old card is dedicated for physx reducing the load on the main card. That is how one gets decent fps in Mafia 2.
  2. A 9800GT can barely handle Mafia 2. I heard Tiger Direct has an Akimbo 9800GT 512MB for $50 w/coupon no rebate required. But I can't get the coupon: FLD19483 to work. Maybe if you call in? With two, you'd do very well so long as you don't go to a higher resolution. Oops, that chipset can't SLI--so get a Radeon card.

    For me, I'd sell the 9800GT and get a Radeon 5870, or on a lower budget, a 5850 for $165 after rebate.
  3. ok imma look into it and hopefully i can either take it back to the store and get a 460 and that will do better but like also there is this hunting game called THE HUNTER. that game i kill with my system specs and wow i only do like 3-10 fps with everything on high i was thinking do you guys think my card is defected
  4. Run 3DMark Vantage on default settings with PPU off. The trial only gives you one run through, so make sure it's default settings. Then compare your results to ones online and you'll get to know if your graphics card is performing slowly or if the card is just not powerful enough for what you want. If you can return it, do so--it's very underpowered for what a new Phenom II x4 can do. What processor is it? (Right-Click on My Computer and choose Properties).

    If you do get a new graphics card, make sure your PSU is good enough to power it.
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