My left touchpad button turned into a right button!!!


I have a Windows 7 and I use an ALPS touch pad driver and all of a sudden the left button on the touchpad now is a right button (opens the right click menu).

Any ideas how to fix this?

P.S. I have two sets of buttons one above and one below the touchpad, it is the one above the touchpad that has the problem while the one below it is fine.

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  1. They can be set by going into the Control Panel, and changing the settings for the touchpad under 'Options'.


    Download the latest ALPS touchpad driver and then do the above.

    (Dell laptop?)
  2. i dont see any touchpad options in Control Panel

    Its a Toshiba laptop
  3. I actually just updated the driver software and it worked :)

  4. What about the ALPS driver? Update that.

    Logitech mice have a small program whereby one can assign various functions to the mouse by changing the settings (I know you have ALPS and a Toshiba laptop).

    Does the manual explain settings on the touchpad? Look under 'Customizing'. That would be the start.
  5. yeah I updated the ALPS driver and it fixed the problem,,there is an icon in the system tray for touchpad settings
  6. Excellent!
  7. Ubrales would you have a link to update the ALPS driver? I sadly don't even know where to find it in my control panel. I also have a 2014 Toshiba. No one has responded to my post. TIA.
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