How to update bios sabertooth x79

hello ,

i downloaded the bios update for my Asus Sabertooth X79 motherboard and want to update it with the usb stick,but do i have to unzip it?
i know to stick it in the back and hold the button for 3 seconds but how to use the usb stick? with FAT? and what do i rename the stick or the file? and how?or just unzip it (cause than it is also a rom-file?
please help me as it keeps on freezing with the first bios.
thanks Cor
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    YES, you must unzip the (.ROM) file and place it on a non-partitioned FAT32 Flash Drive.

    There are (2) safe methods to updated your Sabertooth X79:
    1. ASUS EZ Flash 2 -
    2. USB BIOS Flashback -

    If using the 'USB BIOS Flashback' method then correct you must rename the (.ROM) file = SABERX79.ROM

    However, if you're having problems when you're (IN) the BIOS then you need to resolve that issue first; Clear CMOS (if you don't have a RAID array) use the Jumper method, unplug the PSU first for 5 minutes to allow it to discharge then watch this video -> afterwards go into the BIOS and press (F5) to Load Optimized Defaults.

    I have that exact MOBO so it's easy to help you here.
  2. what if I am running RAID 0 ?
    what do you do?
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