Run ati5850 and gtx470 together?

i built a computer for video editing thinking i was going to run linux and bought an ati5850. what ended up happening is win7 (64bit) with adobe premiere pro cs5. Id like to use the mercury engine with the gtx470. i was wondering if i could use the two together. Specifically, the ATI to run three monitors with the NV supporting mercury playback. the only other solution i see for tri-display and mercury engine playback is 2 gtx470 cards. i would get the quadros, but those are too expensive. thanks!
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  1. This will work however there will be a learning curve associated with it. You will need a patch for the nvidia drivers so both cards will work more or less without having to many issues. Better have a Good psu though as both cards can draw a lot of power together.
  2. how do i do this exactly? and i have an i7 920. will that be enough you think? i have yet to overclock the psu
  3. Obviously you are new to the hardware aspect of computing. That psu is like a power adapter that you use for many of your gadgets ect. It can only provide a limited amount of power while there are other factors that could make this difficult.
  4. woops, my mistake. i have a 850w power supply.
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