P8Z68-V-PRO Gen3 - BUG CODE USB DRIVER - Mobo Issue?

Hey folks,

I recently installed a new Mobo and Processor for my house-mate and since installation his USB devices have been playing hell.

Mouse turns off randomly and sticks, keyboard turns off randomly, BSOD (BUG_CODE_USB_DRIVER)

We thought it was a HDD issue but he has 3, all 3 of them exhibit the same issue when plugged in seperatley. (tested with windows, I work in IT so I have LOADS of liscences)

We also checked all the USB drivers and reinstalled windows.

We then discovered that the mouse started sticking every now and again in the UFEI BIOS - which indicated a mobo issue, however when I flashed the BIOS to the latest release it seemed to fix the BIOS sticking of the mouse, but didnt fix it within windows OR windows installatoin.

I think this is a mobo issue, infact I'm 99% sure, HOWEVER, I love ASUS so much that I refuse to beleive it, and I dont like the idea of making him RMA it and get a new one.

Any second opinions?

[EDIT] - There were 2 bent (VERY SLIGHTLY) pins on the socket, is this the issue? I've never actually seen a bent socket pin in my life, is there any feasable way to bend it back?
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  1. Is this happening on the motherboard(rear) ports or the case ports, or both?
  2. You know what, we never actually tested that...we only used the rear ports.

    Didnt think it would matter, I assumed it would be the USB controller on the Mobo (which obviously controls the front and back ports)
  3. I have the exact same problem! rear ports work for mouse/keyboard, but everything else remains undetected/faulty drivers!!
  4. did you happen to install drivers cd yet?
  5. This is very similar to what is being described in this thread: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/304505-30-p8z68-gen3-issues#bas

    has anyone tracked it down or found that an RMA solved the issue?
  6. Imo RMA
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