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My computer is baffling me, and I think it might be a GFX issue.

Greetings one and all, I have come to you because I'm am very frustrated and more than confused as to why my computer is doing what it is doing. I'll go ahead and give you the story.

My computer is on, with firefox being the only program being open. I leave for 30 minutes or so, come back and as expected it has shutdown into hibernation mode. I start it back up, and oddly, red dotted lines are riddled across the screen, and when my computer boots up, my resolution has been reset and it says I had some sort of Graphics Driver failure (I unfortunately can't remember exactly what it said).

I then re-install the latest drivers (I always keep them up to date) and it does not help, so I defrag the computer, clean the registry, and then restore it to the previous day, hoping that anything that had happened would magically go away. It didn't.

When it started back up, it started being screwy like it is now. The pre-boot BIOS image was distorted and my computer did not even successfully boot up Vista anymore, it just went black with the red lines, and all I could see were my mouse cursor and the vista screen saver.

After this I opened up the computer, dusted it thoroughly (it was VERY dusty inside, but I had cleaned it 2 months ago :/ ) and took out the GFX card, extra-special dusted it, and successfully reinstalled everything. I press the power button, it starts right up, but still has distorted images and doesn't boot properly, like before.

The computer continues to do this and, as you can imagine, this is quite baffling to me as I have never experienced anything like this before, and I'm quite concerned for my beloved computer which I built some years ago. It's off as of right now, and I don't want to run it any longer than I have to until I find out the problem. Could this be a graphics card problem? Or what else could it be?

My Specs are as follows:

Intel Q6600 @ 3.0GHz
4GB 800MHz Patriot RAM
Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit
etc. etc.

I've linked some images for y'all to take a look at and hopefully that will help...

I really love my computer, and I would be eternally grateful if y'all could help me diagnose the problem!
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    I think your GPU just died on you man. AMEN!
  2. sounds like a cracked solder joint on the vid card. can potentially be repaired by baking for 8-10 mins in a 200C oven if your keen.....
  3. Well, I was afraid of that. However, the new Nvidia's that just came out do look quite attractive... lol. Well, if that is the case, it was a great card that gave me almost 4 years of gaming pleasure. May it rest in peace. XD
  4. haha 4 years is a long lifetime for a GPU, people normally would get a new computer or a new card before that time. Sounds like time for an upgrade I guess.
  5. Yeah, I built my computer around Fall 2007 and this will be the first time I've replaced anything. I really got my moneys worth from the 8800GTX, 'cause even now I can play most games maxed out more or less (except Crysis... still... lol). Well, I really appreciate all of y'alls input!

    Cheers. :)
  6. Make sure that your CPU won't bottleneck the new GPU you are going to purchase
  7. Yeah, I definitely will, do y'all think a Q6600 overclocked to 3.0GHz will bottleneck most or any of the new Nvidia's (Series 2-5's)?
  8. Do not get anything more than a GTX 570 and you should be okay.
  9. Seems 8800s die left and right nowadays, so I would assume it is dead as well. As crowe said, try baking it.
  10. i had the same issue on a GTS8800 I took it apart down to the board and baked it for about 7-8 mins like said above. There are a lot of articles that would guide you through that.
    Even if your getting a new card never hurts to have a back up to trouble shoot with.
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  12. Try baking it in the oven like most people said.
    After all, what have you got to lose?
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