Which board should i buy ?

i am thinking of buying an intel i3 2100 3.1ghz lga 1150 processor. with 4 gig RAM and a nvidia geforce gt 520.
which motherboard would be suitable for gaming ? i wanna run bf3 on high settings and my budget is about 120$ for the motherboard.
i already have a intel dual core 5700 processor 2 gig RAM and nvidia geforce 9400 gt so will the new hardware be better than the existing one ?
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  1. yea a i3 2100 or 2120 would be better than the 5700. is he ram ddr3 or ddr2? and the video card might not max out bf3, but it would probably play it at acceptable framerates on slightly lowered settings, i havent used the older GT 8000/9000 series much though so im not totally sure.
  2. if you want to run bf3 or any gaming at high settings, gt520 won't do.
    at least a radeon hd 6850/6870 or gtx 560/560ti should be considered for playing bf3 and others at high settings. if you really want to cheap out - a 6790 or 6770, no less than that.
    as for motherboards... do you want to crossfire/sli in the future? if yes, then see if a mobo like gigabyte z68xp ud3 or z68ma d2h b3 or z68x ud3 b3 is suitable for you. another one may be asrock extreme 3 gen 3.
    bf3 is gpu dependent, so a strong gpu with enough vram (at least 1gb or more) would be good for it. not to mention other games would also run well.
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    Which motherboard should i buy ?
  4. Umm.. so is sli really needed? I dont need 3d though.. and i m not sure about the motherboard still
  5. I mean for gaming is sli realy needed ?
  6. divJ said:
    I mean for gaming is sli realy needed ?

    a lot of games demand high performance at high resolutions that, sometimes, a single gfx card cannot deliver. that's when multi card combinations like crossfirex and sli are used. some users pre-emptively use cfx/sli from the begining so that they don't face performance slowdowns. cfx/sli has its own set of advantages and problems.
    it comes down to your preference. depending on your budget and specs you can go for sli or you can go for single card. ask yourself what you want to do with your pc. there is no reason to spend money after thing you might not need.
  7. Yeah so i thought about it and i dont think i need sli... so which would be the best with the i3 ? Budget for gfx card is about a 100$ and for motherboard it is abiut 120$. Thanks for helping tho
  8. around that budget, radeon hd 6770. check out this link for bf3 perf
    imo you can stick the 6770 in the c2d system and play bf3. check out this article's cpu scaling page
  9. But radeon 5570 is above my budget just a bit... anything lower than that ?
    can ya make a complete hardware selectio for me in about 400$ ? w ith an i3 processor a motherboard, 4gb ram and gfx card excluding the other stuff like the dvd writer etc
    It would really help me ! :/
  10. you'd get better help in systems>homebuilt or new build section.
    right now,
    cpu - pentium g850 $88
    mobo - asus p8 z68 v lx $120 (no cfx/sli only x16+x4 mode, no pcie 3.0 capability)
    asrock extreme3 gen 3 $122 (pcie 3.0, cfx/sli)
    gfx card - xfx hd 677x znlc raden hd 6770 $110
    ram - check your chosen motherboard's qvl list for appropriate ram
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