How to upgrade hp pavillion \ to ati hd 4670

i have a hp pav. a6000. Just got a ati hd 4670. i have a 600w power supply. i am stumped. when i put the card into my pci slot, it boots up i get no display whatsoever? any help?
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  1. Tell us step by step how you installed the card
  2. K. There is no 4 prong connections or anything. I just power it off, install the graphics card into the pci slot. When I try to boot it up to install the drivers etc, I get nothing. Just a black screen. Ive tried to install the drivers first without the card in, but it wont let me, as there is no card... I might add, that I have tried both connections to connect my display, both to the ati card, and the onboard display. Neither will bring up a display.
  3. Is there anything further I could provide to help?
  4. OK. Lemme try, take out the 4670 so the computer returned to its original state, and then plug in your monitor using the IGP. If that brings back your monitor, it could mean that you need to turn the IGP off. That's all I can really say right now as it is hard to help over the internet without any visual
  5. Ya its running now, thats what i did. so am i correct> safemode>mycomp>rightclick>props>device>display>intel ect>disable?
  6. So the 4670 is working now? Yep that's how you do it
  7. No im gonna try it and see. ill log on my other comp. let me check back in in 5. im gonna try.
  8. Do you have to be admin too?
  9. Just be admin to be sure
  10. One step closer. My display isnt shutting off now because its not thinking that nothing is attached. do i need to connect it to the norm igp port to download and setup the drivers before swithing the display to the new gc?
  11. Which one is the monitor connected to now?
  12. i tried booting it connected to the hd4670, the first boot my monitor recognized something because it turned on, but just black screen. im gonna try as admin, see if it makes a diff. i am perplexed. the amd tech said it was cuz my power supply wasnt enough, so i bought a 600. but it looks as thought thats not it. he also said it should boot fine with the hd4670 connected and my cable pluugged into the igp, but it looks like he was wrong.. or were missin something..
  13. ok try this. Take out 4670 > turn on monitor with IGP > Go to safemode and disable IGP > turn off > install 4670 > install 4670 drivers
  14. see thats the problem. I follow that to a t. but i get no display. should it be connected to the hd or igp? great, now its giving me an error when i go into safemode saying i need the boot disc or whatever....
  15. when you have disabled IGP you have to connect the monitor to the HD 4670
  16. yup, now its just lagging on the microsoft loading screen...
  17. so the 4670 works?
  18. no it wont turn my display on with it. i plugged it back into igp. now its saying windows failed to start missing req hardware etc....i try to start normall but nada....just lags on the loading screen. when i connect to the hd4670 it doesnt even recognize its i cant even turn it on, and i dont have a boot disc! great!
  19. Sorry man Im just trying to help but ended up causing this mess! If everything was perfect, the HD 4670 should have gotten recognised even without disabling the IGP but it turned out like this. We need more people in the thread
  20. so am i sol without the install disc?
  21. i dont get why it would show the loading screen and not boot up if i just disabled the igp. wouldnt i get no display at all if that was the cause?
  22. Ok, so the Hd4670 works, i am getting display out of it, however I am still getting the same windows error, and it times out on the loading screen. does anyone know how to get an installation disc burned?
  23. ty king.
  24. okay on the computer you are on now, download a bootable windows xp/vista/7 iso and then you can burn it to a CD/DVD using a number of softwares, i normally use ImgBurn. I guess something just happened to ur windows installation so reinstalling it would solve the problem
  25. i just did that, and i guess i got a bad file, it says something is missing ima try again.
  26. i dowloaded it, burned it, and it said it was missing some install more time...thank you guys, if any can point me to a legit dl, itd be much appreciated.
  27. Well, I said screw it and went and bought a new tower. I just wanted to thank you guys for trying to help. The one I have now is a new hp slim (. I am wondering if the igp (nvidia gforce w/ cuda) is better than the HD 4670 I bought yesterday? anyone know?
  28. No intergrated graphics solutions are better than a HD 4670
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