Add more RAM, video card disappears? What's that about

Since Sandy Bridge is on hold for a while, I decided to add some more RAM to my old AMD socket 939 Asus A8N5X mobo and later a newer, bigger WD Black 640 HDD and Windows 7 HP 64bit.

My PNY Quadro NVS 440 graphics card is a so called workstation card mostly for financial trading and runs my 4 monitors from one slot.

I turned everything off, blew and vacuumed the dust off, installed the new RAM, turned things back on and got the one long and 2 short error beeps. Couldn't get anything to work. No monitors at all. Got out the laptop, got on line and looked up the error codes. They said the one long and two short beeps mean the video card is bad or not seated properly. Reseated it (several times, etc.) checked and tightened all the connections, still no soap.

So I removed the new RAM Patriot Signature 2 gig (2 X 1 GB) Same CAS, same timings as the old Corsair RAM. Very pretty blue heat sinks for what it's worth, looks great) turned computer back on and it worked!

What the heck is that about? Anybody have an explanation for that? I tried alternate slots for the Patriot and Corsair ram and then both pairs next to one another. Tomorrow I'll try the new Patriot RAM by itself to see if it works alone or is bad.

Has anybody ever heard of RAM causing a video card to not work?

Any thoughts or explanations? Did I do something wrong?

The new ram (and the old ram of course) is the only thing that I can't use on a new SB build. The new HDD, Win7HP 64 and the old video card I can use on a new build.

Any explanations or fixes will greatly appreciated.

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  1. It certainly sounds like the power supply in that computer does not have enough power to power the extra RAM stick, so it chooses the graphics card to terminate.
  2. I'm not sure of that. I mean RAM sticks don't use a lot of power, I don't think that it's likely for a PC to be so close to the limit of the PSU capacity that just one RAM stick would push it over the edge. It may have to do with bad RAM or some type of GART RAM issue.
  3. OP what's ur powersupply
  4. My power supply is a Coolermaster Real Power RS-450 ACLY 450 Watt. I only have a graphics card and a Creative Audigy sound card on the board plus 2 gigs of RAM, the CPU and fan.
  5. ram really doesn't have big effect on PSU, try using each one of the sticks individual, remove all the new and the old ram and test them 1 by 1.
  6. forget the power supply it is obviously not the isse here. bad ram/incompatable ram can cause no post/no display. its not causing the vid card not to work, but is causing the system not to initialise the card because it doesnt make it that far. For not so technical people list of things that can cause no display - faulty expansion card of any sort (weather it be vid card, sound card, modem or whatever ive seen it all), bad ram, bad psu, bad motherboard, bad cpu.....basically any faulty part can potentially cause the computer not to display anything. Like others have said, try each stick of the new ram on its own to see if any particular one is faulty. If both fail, it is possible that it isnt compatable with the motherboard. Also just re-seat the ram in the slot. it may not be makng proper connection, may be dust in the slots or something....
  7. Try running with only the Patriot's. If the sticks work, then you might need to dial down the settings before inserting them all. Try setting the speed of your ram to 533MHz, 1.8V or auto, then try inserting them all.

    I have had a system with 4 ram sticks wherein the two pairs are of different speeds, and it's a pain in the ass if I remove them all then attach it again. I had to tweak the settings using one pair, shutdown, insert next pair before it booted properly.

    Or maybe the ram are just bad.
  8. Problem solved! Here's what I did today. After thinking about it and as you suggested, I removed the old Corsair Ram and installed the new Patriot Ram in slots 1 and 3, turned on the computer and it worked. Screens came on, no beeps. I let it run for a while and then decided to try and install the old Corsair Ram. Turned off the computer, installed the original Corsair in slots 2 and 4, said a small prayer, turned the puter back on and it worked. No beeps. Still working.

    Since I haven't installed my new WD Black HDD or the Win 7HP 64 bit and am still on XP Pro, it's just showing as 2816 MB as opposed to the old 2048 MB. It does seem a little bit faster and less waiting or bogged down with CPU activity, but that just might be a perceptual bias on my part. We'll see. I'll get back to you when I install the new HDD and Win 7.

    Thank you all for your help and suggestions. I appreciate it. Cheers.
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