Mcp73m01h1 motherboard

I have an HP Pavillion A6600F computer with a "bad" motherboard

Im told that this was a problem with the Foxconn MCP 73M01h1 board that came in this pc

My harddrive is good and I just want to get back to where I was, this pc suits my needs

Im confused when I search for an exact replacement board. they all seem to be refurbished and many variations of the basic MCP 73M01h1 board.

If I replace the board with what looks like an exact match, will everything work as it did? I can match jumbers but don't want to have to worry about downloading new bios etc.

motherboard replacements are about 150 dollars from china. Is this a wise investment or should I just replace the pc?

Will a replacement motherboard solve my problem which is getting back to a working computer?

Thanks for any advice
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  1. Using a replacement MB that "looks" like an exact match won't guarantee that it will work.

    Personally, I would not fork over $150 for a replacment. I suspect you could find a newer MB that will accept your CPU, or use the $150 towards a new system (or build one yourself, with tom's hardware help).

    If you do want a refurb to hold you over until your next computer purchase, here's one on ebay:
  2. Thank you. I appreciate the advice
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