6950 problems?

So, I just got my 2GB 6950 today, and I'm having a couple problems with it.

1. Whenever my multisampling up past x4 (In WoW at least,) I start getting this kind of static. This also happened when I turned the AA up in Bad company 2.

2. In WoW I noticed a significant decrease in performance since installing the 6950. I have CCC installed and it seems to be working. My old card was a GTS 250 and I usually got about 60 FPS on average with maximum settings.
With the new card my fps jumps around from 25-70. (Maybe it's just a problem to do with WoW?)
IN BFBC2 however the performance was greatly increased.

Any ideas on why this would be happening? I haven't overclocked anything yet, everything is stock.

It's kind of hard to see in the picture, but along the railings in the top right, it gets really bad when I move around.


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  1. You said you had a GTS 250 before, did you uninstal and remove all of the Nvidia drivers with driver sweeper before you installed the AMD drivers?
  2. I got the 6950 about a week ago and ran into the same problem. Benchmarked against my HD 5830 and the 5830 won by a mile. Even though both cards were ATI/AMD I had to uninstall CCC, use a driver sweeper and then download and install a new copy of CCC with APP. Now it works fine and I am seeing the gains that I expected.
  3. I uninstalled the main Nvidia driver, let me go do what losolo suggested though.
  4. You need to use driver sweeper to remove all traces of old drivers, reboot into safe mode, run again. Then reboot and install the latest AMD drivers/CCC.

    That should help.
  5. I'm going to try doing it again, as the problem is still there.
  6. Helltech said:
    You need to use driver sweeper to remove all traces of old drivers, reboot into safe mode, run again. Then reboot and install the latest AMD drivers/CCC.

    That should help.

    Did this,
    Ran catalyst manager and uninstalled everything.
    Manually uninstalled Nvidia drivers
    Ran the sweeper and removed everything

    Rebooted into safe mode
    Ran sweeper again


    Reinstalled CCC

    Problem is still there though, any other advice? Could I have a faulty card?
  7. I can't seem to find any support number on AMDs website.

    Would I call HIS about this instead? (Card manufacturer)
  8. Anyone else have any ideas?
  9. I'm sorry that I'm reposting this but my problem should be more specifically described this time. Hopefully I can figure something out and not have to return the card.

    So as a recap, I got a 6950 recently and in certain games there's a very bad static problem.

    I tried 4 times using a sweeper to remove all drivers etc. Then following with a reinstall of CCC, however no luck yet.

    Here's a video which should illustrate my problem more accurately than the screenshot I had before. (You should watch it in 1080p, the static is much more noticeable.)

  10. That could be a faulty card. I've seen it once before on a bad card, replaced it with an identical card and it went away.

    If it's brand new and under warranty, see if exchange is possible.
  11. The strange thing is though it only happens in certain games.

    Yes though, it's brand new so if no one knows a solution I'll get it exchanged.
  12. IT happens in some games because each game places a different load on various components.

    What is the temperature of the card? Use GPUz to look at it. This may be a PSU issue also. If temps are normal I would get it swapped out
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    6950 static in certain games.
  14. I just bought a HIS Radeon HD 6950 Iceq X Turbo 2Gb and I am having similar problems in a lot of games. I thought it was a faulty card to so I RMA'd it and got a new one, but it still does it. The new card runs 10C lower at idle and under load, but I still have this issue. I am going to try doing the driver sweeper thing like Losolo suggested.
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