HD 4850 DVI to HDMI not detecting tv.

Hello, trying to connect my pc to my tv through the dvi out on my pc to the hdmi on my tv.

Have had it set to force detect on catalyst and at one point it actually did see and connect to the tv.

A 47" Phillips and was displaying extended at 1080p watched part of a movie and played a game.

Looked and was running great I then had to restart my computer and it will not recognize it.

When I shut the tv off and turn it back on catalyst will pop up a message stating that a dvi to hdmi connection has been found but wont play sound, which is fine I dont care about sound. but the tv connection is no where to be found.

Any help resolving this would be appreciated.

Also should note that I am running windows 7 64bit and the cable is a 15 foot dvi to hdmi cable.
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  1. I don't think that you can do sound over DVI, so that is OK.

    Have you tried unplugging the connection and plugging it back in? Turning on the TV after the computer is on (and the opposite, TV then computer).

    Newest drivers and all?

    How long is the HDMI run? Can you try other cables/adapters?
  2. Whoops, sorry, I see 15ft. That should be OK, normally 25+ is where issues crop up.
  3. Ive done every combo I can think of having the tv off or on unplugged and the pc off and turning it on.

    And just a few minutes ago I clicked detect displays for the hundredth time and it just pops up. I really don't get it lol.

    I turned the tv off and back on to see if it would still see it and its gone again not to be found. Really odd..

    Newest drivers from the ati site. Ive had the cable working so I don't think that is the issue. It has worked on the tv twice now and on my actual pc monitor which is a 24" asus with an hdmi port.
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