Is LAN Possible on School Laptops?

Ok so my friend has a problem and i said i would help him out. he was wondering if it was possible to play Lan games on those school laptops, the Lenovo Mini 10's i think there called. My problem is that he can get the game onto his laptop and run it fine, but when he creates a lan game windows firewall blocks it. No one can join it because it is blocked. he has tired to turn it off & allow the program through but all have failed as they are school laptops and most of the stuff is managed by the "administrator".
Any help would be fantastic.

Thanks in Advance and sorry if i posted this in the wrong section. :)
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  1. If you can't configure windows firewall, you are probably SOL
  2. yeah i was just wondering if there as a command or something that lets u disable the firewall
  3. I am sorry that I cant even think to help you because school laptops are to study not to play games
  4. The Mini 10 will run any game so poorly you are better off not being able to run it. Since the laptop has settings to block what you are trying to do, it's best not to try to mess with that.
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