Blank screen during gameplay

I recently installed Crysis on my vista 64bit. However, after playing for a few minutes, the screen goes completely black with a box on the top left switching between analog/digital and it soon goes into standby mode. If i restart the computer immediately, it will only produce a blank screen during bootup. I have to wait a few minutes before turning it on to get a display on my monitor again.

I'm using a:
-samsung 19-inch syncmaster 930b monitor,
-gigabyte ex58-ud3r motherboard,
-nvidia geforce gtx 295 graphics card

My computer can handle most games (if not all games) on the max settings. This has also happened with my copy of Trine, which is not the most graphically demanding game out there, so my graphics card should'nt be the problem.

I've looked around at other forums but i cant seem to find a solid solution.

Can someone help me?

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  1. What is your full system (RAM, Power Supply)?

    Have you been monitoring your temperatures?

    Is this a new build, and if not, have you cleaned the dust out of your system recently?

    Is anything overclocked?
  2. I have a 6gig RAM,
    Intel core i7 CPU 920@ 2.67GHz

    i've had this computer for about two years and have not really opened it in a long time other than when i sent it to the shop to replace my motherboard. That was only a few months ago. My motherboards have a bad habit of getting fried and i have replaced it two times already.

    I apologise but i do not know my power supply right now. I'm not sure I want to open the computer up just yet without someone else around.

    CPU-Z says i have a clocks multiplier of x12.0, not sure if that would help.

    I dont monitor the temperatures as im using a master cooler case so i've always thought things were, um, cool.
  3. Its alright, the problem was that the com was overheating. I blasted a fan at it and everything worked fine. Ill try to get another fan or two installed soon.
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