Computer shuts down and drops connection

Phenom 965be
asus m4a89gtd pro/usb3
8 gb ddr3 1333 ripjaws
Xpower 1080watt psu

any ideas?
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  1. You are saying the the computer shuts down and drops the internet connection, yes?
    Is that the only time it shuts down? Do you have a video card?

    Need a little more detail - particularly exactly when it shuts down.
  2. No sometimes it just randomly drops its connection (Ethernet connected) but wireless still works. It hasn't dropped connection again today, but it shuts down every hour or so... There is no video card
  3. i know im not supposed to bump but this shut down thing is getting really annoying...
  4. It's an actual shutdown? Or do you mean the machine goes into hibernate mode or restarts?

    Don't suppose you've been making changes to the power management in either the OS or in the BIOS?
  5. I believe its an actual shutdown its my friends so i haven't seen it happen in a few days but you have to press the power button and it completely boots up from the bios screen and everything. I dont think he messed with anything power related or the bios but ill check
  6. I'd maybe also check the OS logs. See if there is any mention for the shutdown.

    It could be thermal related. Try running speedfan and see what the temperatures are like.
  7. How do you check OS logs? What should he be looking for in them? and thermals should be fine no vid card and the cpu was only at 37degrees
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