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Best card for 1024 768 res.

hi everyone pls suggest me best graphics card for 1024 768 res for my crt monitor i will play games at this res only. and the card should be powerful one so i can play all the future newer games at the same res. i will buy a good power supply and a cpu for it. i havin a m2n sli deluxe board and 3 gb ram.
the card should be a good performance and powerful for the future res would be the same at 1024 768. appreciations.
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  1. 5750 or 5770 since its only $5 diff should be more than enough.

    at that resolution having a powerful cpu is more important than the gpu, what kind of cpu do you have or wanna get?
  2. presently i am having amd athlon x2 3600+. suggest me a upgrade can i get a am3 socket . and is phenom series would be ok?
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    The Phenom series is worse that the Athlon II series. You will want a Phenom II x4-x6 for gaming. For low-med gaming, x2-x3 is good. If I were you, I would get an hd6850 is you want to play new games, and future games all maxed out with that res. good card right there. PSU: I own that PSU and it is good. OCZ makes pretty solid PSUs and it is 600w. I heard that it can go 700w, but I wouldn't test it.
  4. whats your budget and what parts do you need, i'll set up a build for you.
  5. I will help.
  6. me too
  7. let me make clear i have m2n sli deluxe mobo. that i will keep and i want to upgrade the cup my budget is 100 bucks for each cpu and graphics card. i think hd6850 will be over for my config and requirement and at that res it will bottleneck the performance. now pls figure out somthing.
  8. I'd reccomend going with a Nvidia card just to get the most out of it since it's an SLI board.Altough their is no reason why an ATI card won't work either.The 5770 is faster than the 450 but it might be better for an SLI board.

    GTS450 $110=$90 after MIR + Free Shipping

    What is your current power supply?(make/model)
  9. the athlon x4 is am3 socket which i think is not supported by my mobo. my mobo is am2 so need a good one. and my power supply presently is 450 w if i want i will upgrade it. is there any specific reason for y not use 5770 than 450 other than its sli ready. let me know if any.
  10. will my m2n sli deluxe asus mobo support phenom 2 quad core ? cuz my mobo is am2 and even if it works as stated by cpu support asus website will i get the full performance out of the cpu or it will limit itself due to old mobo ?
  11. AM2 and AM3 are not like bandwidth and performance, it is the actual physical slot. If you have AM2+ you can put either AM2, AM2+, and even AM3 in it. AM2 is just AM2, so no AM3 or AM2+.
  12. thx hostiledonut... pls specify i cud not get ur point... can i put a am3 phenom 2 x4 processor or not and run it smoothly?
  13. Well, AM2 and AM3 sockets are physically different. It is like trying to put a square into a circle, it would not work. Technically you could actually get it inside, but it would either do damage to the CPU, or damage to the motherboard. It is NOT about running smoothly like a PCI-E 2.0 and a PCI-E 1.0 with half the bandwidth. It just plain will NOT work. You will need a AM2 CPU and none other, unless you have an AM2+ socket. Could you link me your mobo?
  14. Quote:
    wouldnt a 5670 be good enough? at such a low res... also does that mean maxing out AA+AF also or just the high settings in games without AA+AF... im confused on why people are suggesting a 200 dollar card for such low res gaming lol

    I didn't know his CPU at the time, so since he wanted to play future games too, I offered that.
  15. i also have the same problem,i am also looking for 1024 x 768,so i suggested hd 5750 as a fine choice.
  16. mrjericho1991 said:
    i also have the same problem,i am also looking for 1024 x 768,so i suggested hd 5750 as a fine choice.

    That would normally be good, but did you see his CPU?
  17. That is AM2+ which means a Phenom II will work. Now just figure out the TDP.
  18. Btw, I will be gone until Thursday so I will not be able to help any more until then.
  19. sorry to ask but what is TDP ? and how to figure that out ? and phenom 2 is for am3 socket if i am correct ? and when i look at asus cpu support on web it gives a notice like "beta version" and stuff like that is it ok ?
  20. They don't even make prossesors for the AM2 socket anymore.Unless i'm missing something it's not backwards compatiable with any other socket type.

    TDP is the maximum wattage your mobo can support for a prossesor.EX. mine is 125watts.Yours will probably be lower.
  21. tdp wattage is 125watts i suppose.
  22. even a hd 4850 should be able to do that job or even 9800gt.its tooo low.
  23. pls someone figure out for me....
  24. aasifdm said:
    sorry to ask but what is TDP ? and how to figure that out ? and phenom 2 is for am3 socket if i am correct ? and when i look at asus cpu support on web it gives a notice like "beta version" and stuff like that is it ok ?

    TDP is 'Thermal Design Power'. The TDP on your MoBo might be 125w. A 125w TDP Mobo can handle any CPU that runs with a 125w TDP or less. Every Phenom II CPU exect one or two is a 125w TDP. I would play it safe and grab a 95w TDP CPU. Phenom II is AM3, but will work with only AM2+ and AM3 CPU sockets. AMD did an upgrade path which was AM2+. AM2+ (which you have) will support AM2, AM2+, and AM3 CPUs. You could put in a Phenom II, but I would do this one: 3.2Ghz and a 95w CPU TDP. It would be a great choice for you. It will be fast, and have 4 cores, just no unlocked multiplier sadly.
  25. thx hostile donut. but the cpu which u suggested me is AMD Phenom II X4 840 Propus 3.2GHz which i not on the list of asus mobo cpu support website :??: pls check it out..... i am afraid after investing all good money i wud end up without any cpu :sweat: ...and can u pls give me a good option in cpu like athlon 2 x4 something like that if u can much appreciated.
  26. Well, here is the thing, it has the TDP and same slot. It might not have been made by the time the other was made. Also Newegg will give you a refund even if it WORKS for no reason. So, order from Newegg, see if it works, if not, refund time. (although you might be able to put it in, and then it might break)
  27. Which one are you talking about?
  28. purple stank said:
    Which one are you talking about?

    What are you saying? Are you talking to me or him? If you are talking to me, the Phenom II X4 840 Deneb CPU has the same TDP as the Phenom II X3 720.
  29. ooo.Thought the x4 840 was 125watt.Anyway if he's into i think the x3 720 is better.
  30. purple stank said:
    ooo.Thought the x4 840 was 125watt.Anyway if he's into i think the x3 720 is better.

    Yes, the BE would make OCing a lot better, but the X4 starts @ high enough speeds that it might even be better in the end. If I was him, I would get the X4 because if the extra core and a little higher clock frequency. I think he could get the X4 to around 3.8Ghz. AT least 3.6Ghz. The X4 is cheaper too. About $30 cheaper. I think the X4 is great for the price though. Either way, he will be very happy.
  31. Yea the x4 is better.I didn't realize the x4 was cheaper than the x3.
  32. OP, have you made a decision? I would like to hear some input from you to make sure that I am recommending things that you would like.
  33. yes i am getting a good wise idea from all of u guys who are helping me out greatly....thx for that...and x4 athlon2 or x4 phenom2 i think the phenom 2 has the l3 cache and the athlon 2 is without it i suppose it wont be a problem without the l3 cache?
  34. Phenom II is a step above Athlon II. That 840 Phenom II is actaully cheaper than the Athlon II that runs .1Ghz slower. Get the Phenom II. L3 cache is great, and you cannot have a high-end CPU without it. That 840 is a great deal, jump on the it.
  35. Does the 840 have a L3 catch? I remember reading somewhere that it didn't.
  36. purple stank said:
    Does the 840 have a L3 catch? I remember reading somewhere that it didn't.

    It does not have L3 cache however. It is still a good CPU, at least for the money.
  37. It might even be agood idea to wait until the Bulldozer chips come out in April(supposidly).I'm sure prices will drop for the current 6 cores and maybe even the quad cores.Might find a good combo deal on a mobo and a prosscesor.
  38. i have to somehow buy it early my deadline is end of march... say around 25th....what you guys suggest?
  39. Go with one of the Athlons HostileDonut was suggesting.And the 5770 he suggested.But i don't think we've covered your power supply yet.I'm sure you will be needing a new one.How much money do you have left to spend on the Power supply?

    Whats the exact model/make of your motherboard?I want to double check just to make sure everything will work.
  40. Been looking around and it looks like your mobo has a TDP of 95watts.But i've also been reading that you will have to update your BIOS in order to run the AM3 or AM2+ prossesors on your board.
  41. Are you sure that prossesor will work on his mobo without a BIOS update?
  42. Why can't he update his BIOS?
  43. I didn't see you mention it.So i thought he didn't know about it.Which brings me to another question...does he know how?
  44. well first off i would give a million thx to all u guys who is sincerely and honestly helping me out thx guys..... and frankly speaking i dnt know how to update it but i am sure i can find one who and show me and can do it for me....u guys got any points to suggest me ?
  45. Yeah. Do you know how? If not, just look it up.
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