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I've recently bought a XFX Radeon HD 5770 and had nothing but troubles. For the last month i've tried every trick and tip I could find on the net with no success. The store where I bought it from has agreed to refund me or to give me a new one instead, but from what i've read this last month it seems there's a lot of people who have problems with it and a lot of them are waiting for the same fix that I need for over a year.

So here's my question. Should I just try the 5770 again or go for something else? I don't mind paying a little bit more if it can save me the trouble and actually allow me to play the games I have, but I haven't kept myself informed about all the graphic cards of the last 3 years, so i'm kinda lost here. Thanks for the help!
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  1. What kind of troubles are you having? Lets start there and see if it isn't something we can fix.

    Then if you still don't want to deal with it we can help you choose a new one.

    But for starters, what are your PSU, Mobo, CPU, and Ram? Also what do you plan on doing with the graphics card once you get it? Gaming? Photoshop? Sony Vegas? If gaming, what resolution do you want to game at?
  2. The problem I keep having is whenever I play games like Starcraft 2 or Mass Effect 2 my screen goes black for a few seconds and the driver restarts. I've already asked around a lot on so many forums and sites and tried so many things. I've also tried, if i'm not mistaken, an AMD Radeon HD 6850 from a friend of mine and everything worked like a charm.

    Since i'm not home for a few days I can't tell you much about my parts since I can't remember most of it. But I bought a XFX 750w power supply and as for my RAM, it's 8gb DDR3 Kingston I believe. My OS is Windows 7 64bit. As for the resolution for gaming, i've been playing most games on 1920x1080 when possible.

    Sorry, if I can't be more precise with my information, i'm not too knowledgeable about computers anymore.
  3. No thats fine, we can rule out power problems (good choice in PSU there).

    If the 6850 worked, I assume you have the newest drivers. So maybe a set of older drivers will play a little more nicely with your 5770 than the newest do.

    Things like that do happen.
  4. I love my hd6850, it is a great card. I would get that if I were you, they are pretty cheap for the performance.
  5. @Helltech
    I did try that, I tried each from the more recent 11.1 to 10.2
    I've also monitored my temperatures while playing and crashing and never got over 63 celsius. I've also tried earlier to run 3d Mark to see what would happen and the driver crashed at about 4 seconds in then I tried it again for it to crash at about 9 minutes. I might be wrong, but i'm pretty sure at this point that it's the card itself since there's is no dust in my case and it's well ventilated.

    That's what I was thinking since it worked before, but was hesitant since I wasn't sure if Nvidia would be a better choice than ATI. A few friends of mine told me that Nvidia were better supporting their product.
  6. Well, ignore your friends. AMD is good, I got the hd6850, and I would do it again.
  7. That's really good to know, i've always stuck with AMD before and never had any problems before this one. Also, i've just learned that it will cost me only 25$ more for the 6850. Thanks for the help!
  8. If its only going to cost you 25 dollars more, just do it. Thats nothing and is a good upgrade from the 5770.

    The only times Nvidia is better then AMD is if you (like myself) love Phsyx and can't go back, or need CUDA technology.
  9. Zechsrmi said:
    That's really good to know, i've always stuck with AMD before and never had any problems before this one. Also, i've just learned that it will cost me only 25$ more for the 6850. Thanks for the help!

    No problem, so are you getting it?
  10. Pretty sure I am, especially since it's only 25$ more.
  11. WELL HAVE FUN MAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!!!
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