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Well I have owend a pentium 3, core duo, and a 2010 p6100 laptops. P3 was the hottest, core duo used to burn my legs, but the p6100 is really cool. The fan never turns on. Only when I play games it turns on at low speed. Bottom of laptop is only slightly warm. Really low temperature cpu. My question is that sandy bridge even more cooler?
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  1. No. The 4 core sandy bridge runs warm with the Intel heatsink, but the specs give it more range, up to about 75c.
  2. However, many of the Sandy Bridge mobile chips are dual core, not quad core, and run fairly cool. The quad core mobile chips do run warm, but they have a greater range than earlier chips because they can idle lower, and accelerate when needed.
  3. That makes sense having two more cores in quadcore will produce double the heat compared to dual core
  4. My Dell 14R laptop runs at:
    Cpu 50 C
    Motherboard 27 C
    Hard drive 46 C
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