Possible dead DIMM slot on motherboard

Mobo: MSI 870-G45
Memory: G-Skill Ripjaws X F3-12800CL9D-4GBXL (x2)
8 GB total, 1333 MHz, 4 modules

So there was a power outage a while back while I was on my computer (on a surge protector, by the way). Computer dies, power comes back on, try to reboot, no luck. Computer has full power to fans and LEDs, but nothing else, including beep codes. I've run into this problem once or twice after blackouts, and waiting and retrying usually works. I assumed it was a minor hiccup with the power supply.

This time, I wait a while and retry, as usual, and nothing happens. After a few more tries I decide to open it and see what the problem is, starting with RAM. Sure enough, as soon as I remove the DIMM from the third slot on the motherboard, my computer boots. I tested each DIMM individually in the first slot and tested each slot. All the DIMMs were good and the only slot that failed was the 3rd. So it seems that I need to RMA my mobo, and here's where I'd like advice.

Am I missing anything obvious? Could it be working fine but I'm doing something wrong? And until I get this fixed, is my memory going to be slower (single instead of dual channel), or will the first pair run at full speed?
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  1. If the MB supports dual channel memory then, it will be better if you will put two sticks of RAM and its gonna be a little bit faster.
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