ASUS P67 Pro w/ HD6950 + 9800GTX Physx ?

Ok so I started putting together my system last night and got it 90% done and went to put my old 9800 GTX in the X4 slot for use as a Physx card but it doesn't seem to be seating in the slot completely. I moved it to the X8 slot and it seats perfectly but doesn't seem to in the X4 slot. any reason why this might be happening ?

Also, will this really give me any performance gain ?

The system is an ASUS P67 pro motherboard, I5 2500k cpu, 4 GB. RAM, Sapphire HD6950 gpu. Plenty of power from a Rosewill 850 exreme power supply.
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  1. The x4 and x8 slot are both plenty fast for the 9800, in theory you will get better performance, but since your using it only for physx then I doubt you will see any gains.

    I tried running hybrid physx for a while but it wasn't worth the effort of continually swapping my drivers. (physx is disabled on all systems where an ATI card is present) If you really like physx just buy an nvidia card. You would be better served selling your 9800gtx
  2. i think the question was more about physically fitting the hardware. regardless of bandwidth the slots should be standard sized. does the 6950 fit on the x4?

    if it doesn't then might be a fluke during manufacturing. might rma if thats the case (and if it is worth your trouble)
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