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EVGA GTS 250 512MB VS XFX HD4770

i have,
dell GX 745 with:
-C2D 1.8Ghz E6300
-965 Xpress chipset
-512MBX4 DDR2 @667
-EVGA GTS 250 512MB DDR3

I bought the card just 3 days ago..
the performance is good though

i recently traveled back to the vendor when i saw some brand new XFX 512MB HD4770's on display!
i was mesmerized....

but as i saw the benchies.. GTS 250 is slightly better in performance

i asked the vendor if they could exchange my card for 4770 and they said il get $18 CASH back if i exchange my card for that.


THANKX :hello:
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  1. To be perfectly honest, I wouldn't do so. I had an XFX Radeon HD 4770 myself, but gave it away to my friend as a gift, it was a very nice card in terms of power consumption and performance for its price, but since you have an EVGA GeForce GTS 250, I really see no need in exchanging it.
  2. Just keep it and enjoy it in my opinion. :D
  3. i think it is better to keep your GTS250. btw why you want to change into HD4770 in the first place since you already know GTS250 is faster?
  4. I´ve a 4770, it´s a good gpu, with low power consumption.
    But If you have a good PSU, keep your GTS 250.

  5. thanks for the awsome responses guyz
    btw i was only looking at 4770 bcse it's 40 nm
    whereas mine is 65!

    and my chassis GX 745 is con justed too so i wondered it may cause trouble in the future.. watcha say>?
  6. So long as the airflow to the card is ample, then it shouldn't be a problem.

    If you're worried about congestion, do some cable routing inside the case so it all looks tidier and the cables aren't getting in the way of airflow pathways.
  7. Already did dat bro..
    the card as well as MB warms up.. but i gues thats normal..

    i was only wondering about the 65nm V 40nm thing..

    i think it may be more futur prof if i have a 40nm,.. plus i can OC it too.. and reach @ higher levels but i would'nt think about it with the gts 250

    btw as per my xp in components.. performance is inversely proportional to temperature.. if things get hot.. performance decreases to Null!

    and all the bench s are taken at optimal performance~optimal cooling...

    i am a casual gamer (3-6max hr per day)...

    am i rite?
  8. any thoughts...........??
  9. I also own a PC that has a 4770 in it and to be honest i wouldnt swap it for a 250 but then if i had a 250 i wouldnt swap it for a 4770 either.
    Just keep the 250

    Mactronix :)
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    40nm cards will be clocked higher to reach higher performance levels while sticking to similar, if not slightly lower thermal profiles as cards on older fabrication processes.

    If you want 40nm then go for it, but what the majority of the responders are saying is to just not bother and enjoy the GTS 250 for now, and wait until a more worthwhile upgrade comes along.

    Because your case is 'congested', though i think based on what you've said the better term would be 'cramped' if it's a small case, then i would say that you won't be able to accommodate larger length cards typically found in the higher performance tiers.

    If i were you, if the GTS 250 is working great and not overheating, then just leave it in there.
  11. well the dust settles then
    Thanks for the Advices fellows.. i am sticking to the Gts 250 and m gona Njoy it :)
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