Finished My Build, 2 Quick Questions

Ok, so a quick spec sheet:

i5 2500k (currently running at stock)
CM Hyper 212 Plus Cooler (Arctic Silver 5)
ASUS P8P67 Pro
GTX 570
XFX Black Edition 750w PSU
All in a HAF 922

So my 2 questions:

I put it all together, and the GTX 570 and XFX 750w have their fans pointed at each other (570 fan pointed down, bottom mounted PSU fan up). There is an exhaust fan above the 570, but the 570 is blowing air away from it. There is also an exhaust fan the the top of the case probably a foot from the 570.

So does this seem correct and do I need to worry about it?

Second, I've got HW Monitor and Prime95 on it for OCing, so when I boot it up the fist time and install windows (ect ect) I run them both at stock. My idle core temps are 21-27C, which I'm not too concerned about. My load core temps at stock speed are 45 to 50C. I expected to see somewhat lower core temps at stock... Did I snarl up the cooler installation/TIM?
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  1. 1. You can just flip PSU over. HAF 922 has holes on bottom to allow airflow. Not a big deal though.

    2. 21c is 69F. That's essentially ambient temp. So in fact your idles are very very good. So good that i suspect they may be off unless your ambient is significantly less than 69 F.

    Load temps are also very good, though a bit higher than I'd expect. My i5-750 OC @3.6 with same TIM and HSF hits 48C on load, though my ambient is only 20C.
  2. I am picturing a bottom mount PSU. You may want to turn the power supply unit over so it draws air from the bottom/outside of the case. If there is an opportunity to mount a fan on the side of the case, you can enhance cooling on the 570 by blowing air onto it.

    Your temps on your CPU are OK. The cooler master is not the best air cooler, but does a decent job. You have plenty of room to play with as you overclock. Also remember that Prime95 is stressing your CPU to the max, and IRL you would never run it that way.
  3. The feet on the HAF are not huge by any means (unlike the rest of the case) if I mount the PSU upside down on a hard surface (wood table) will the airflow be sufficient for the PSU?
  4. yes - no issues with room for ventilation.
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