Finshed first build, just one problem

The computer is working well but when it needs to restart is just shuts down and doesnt restart.

The MemOK light comes on solid, but if i push it it just blinks forever and nothing happens (dont know if it is supposed to take a real long time?) the only way i can get it to start back up is by holding the power button to get it to shut off, unplug it for 15 minutes and plug it back in, then it starts up fine and works until i need to restart it again, which has added hours onto getting this computer running.

It seems like all the parts are functional and the memory seems functional and able to work with the motherboard but i would guess it is the problem somehow since the memory light comes on.

motherboard is: ASUS M5A99X EVO

memory is: patriot division 2 viper extreme ddr3 pc3-15000 1866mhz

running windows 7 home premium

any advise would be greatly appreciated (unless you advise me to know what im doing before building a computer)
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  1. I presume you mean restarting via Windows. If a fresh install of Windows doesn't solve it, I would RMA the board.
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