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I have been debating and pricing out systems to try and fit my needs over the past month before I build. In looking at the Llano A8-3850 I've read how increased memory speed boosts CPU performance. Can the same be said for the amount of memory? i.e. 4gb (2x2) vs 8gb (2x4) etc. The few bundles from newegg or tigerdirect have the A8 paired with 8gb(2x4). Is this because the amount of memory has a direct effect on CPU performance, especially in Llano A8.

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    Yes, more ram can mean less impact on HDD seek and CPU utilization.

    Thanks. What is HDD seek?
  2. The time it takes to find the data on the hard drive. Generally speaking, the higher the hard drive's capacity, the longer it takes. However, that is offset by higher RPMs (spin rate), more read/write heads, and more densely packed platters where data is read from / written to.
  3. Thanks for answering all my questions.
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