Recovering from a bad BIOS flash using another card?

A friend of mine has an old GeForce 6800 that he tried to flash to something else and it didn't work, now it just does the memory beep procedure when you turn the computer on (beeeeeeeep, beep beep beep or whatever).

I heard that if you have another card that you can use in the system at the same time and you can find the old correct BIOS for the card that was flashed improperly, there's a way to flash the card back to it's original BIOS which might fix the problem (hopefully).

Does anyone know anything about this? I've looked it up, but what I've found is mostly old information regarding AGP cards and stuff like that. I was basically just wanting to try to flash the 6800's BIOS back to the original one and see if it works, but I don't know the procedure (in DOS, most likely).

Can anyone help me out?
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  1. Go to guru3d dot com. They have a range of flashing utilities and gpu bios'.

    You are essentially correct. You need a functioing graphics card in order to boot in order to re-flash. The site includes various guides on recovering your gpu.

    It is possible that the card is toast...
  2. Well, my friend tried to flash the 6800 to a 6800 ultra using an ultra's BIOS, so hopefully it didn't mess anything up physically or damage anything. Hopefully re-flashing it with the same exact BIOS that was on the card to begin with will fix it. Hopefully.
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