Reference GTX 560 TI running hot

Hi Guys.

I`ve been having major heat problems with my inno3d gtx560 (reference cooler) and want some advice on an Aftermarket cooler.

To put it into perspective I`m running E8400 at 3.6ghz on 680i under a Zalman 9700 in an Antec P180. intelburntest load on Cpu reaches 67 degrees.
When i load Cpu with Intelburntest and load the Gpu with Furmark i get 78 Degree on Cpu.
Gpu hovers around the 90 Degree mark when stress testing.

This Gpu is driving my temps up around 10 Degrees, coming off a 8800gt this is quite a shock.

Any advice on a Cooler which covers the VRM`s would be greatly appreciated.
Extra information: I reapplied thermal paste to Gpu which dropped temps by about 3-4 degrees and I have two 12cm fans in a windtunnel pointing straight at the Card.
With side off case the temps are generally 5 degrees cooler.
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  1. Manually set the fan speed to 100% rather than leaving the card to roast like a turkey or chest nuts on an open fire.
  2. I`d rather fit a new HSF than have a howling banshee living in my case.
  3. Well then go buy your self a Zalman VF1000 but they run about $50 a pop.
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