Linksys dual band wireless router will not connect to secured wireless but will

Hello,I have a linksys dual band wireless-n notebook adapter wpc600n that connects to my unsecured netwok fine on Win xp. When I encrypt my network with wpa-psk it will not connect.
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  1. is it asking you for a password (Key Phrase)?
  2. Emerald said:
    is it asking you for a password (Key Phrase)?

    A text box appears with the password already entered. I press enter and it attempts to connect with a message "waiting for connection" but eventually times out. Also, the password or key phrase already in the password box is an 8 letter word where my actually password is actually a 9 letter word. I've tried entering the password manually and get the same response. I am able to connect with Ubuntu, Vista and Blackberries but not with Win XP.
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