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I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this so I apologize if this is in the wrong area. My question is my hubby's computer has a Radeon 5970 and we are trying to use GPU Observer to monitor the temp. The temp is showing at 0 I know the 5970 is a dual card is there away to monito both temps. From the drop down menu I have the options from choosing 0-4 radeon 5900 series. Which do I choose? Thanks
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  1. That's a nice find. You may not be able to show both though, and would have to use something like HWMonitor. The website that has the GPu Observer also has a HWMonitor windows gadget.
  2. May i also suggest MSI Afterburner? It monitors my 5970's temps just fine as well as allowing me to set a custom fan profile.
  3. I currently use MSI Afterburner for my comp. I have a single card so how would I set it up for a radeon 5970? I am not sure if it would work the same way because his is a dual card. Thanks
  4. MSI Afterburner works fine for Dual GPU setups, it does for mine. Just install it as you normally would.
  5. Ok great but I do I set up the fans it shows gpu 1 and gpu 2 do I need to set both?
  6. No, in Afterburner, simply go into settings, enable manual fan control in the relevant tab and have your way with the fan curve :).

    The fan speed will affect both GPU temps.
  7. Ok great thanks. Do I need to check the synchronize setting for similar graphic processors box? Also does it matter if I select gpu 1 or 2? It seems to only be working if I select gpu 2? Thanks again
  8. GPU 2 is the master GPU that Afterburner takes the main readings and settings from. So keep settings on that. And yes, check that box.
  9. Awesome! Thanks so much :D Is there a place where you can go to find a good curve for his graphic card? Or is better to just leave it on the default?
  10. It's a bit of trial and error. Afterburner has a built in GPU stressing tool called Kombustor, so make use of that.

    I tend to leave it at about 30% on idle temperatures (30 - 40 degrees) and then move it diagonally up to about 80% from there. You can set it as aggressively or un-aggressively as you want depending on your tolerance of the whiney fan. With my fan curve, my GPU temp never actually goes above 60 degrees.
  11. Ok great thanks so much for all the help :D
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