Replacement for a duff geforce 96GT graphics card?? any ideas please,,,

Dear Pc Techies,, my head is ready to explode :cry: I have tried to chose a grforce graffics card for my Pc cos the 9600gt 512 ddr3, 96watt. the larger of the 2. has died :cry:after only 2years in use :fou: Does any one know what I could replace it with please.. I have looked at many alternatives but am very confused,,, the cards I have check are wired differently an some of the power requirements are different,,, I have a 400w power supply 12volt rails at 15, an 16 amps, I have seen a 9800Gt wich requires a 30amp.. what does it all mean :o 6pin adittionall power supply, cards with 8 pin... adittional supplies... please help,, any ideas short of pking my eye out with a spoon.... :sweat:
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  1. Please give us more info about your psu, what brand/model... Help us so we can help you.
  2. Dear adampcman,, with spoon in my hand I have to tell you that the psu is part of the fug it sue seimens amelio,, delta electronics DPS400 watt.. with the wires comin out of the back.. I thunk that the grafics card runs on the 12volt side 6 pin cable, an plugs inti the PCI 2 x 16 slot.. the ampage for the the 12volts side is 15amps, 16amps, 0.3amp .. to replace the card with another 9800gt I have seen needed a 12volt at 30amps???? whats that about... me thunks that cos the machine is an entry level or was 2years ago that the psu is a bit skimped on.. me thunking that a jap/ger man built system would be better than I got... me thunks that if I go over board with the replacement graffics card that it will draw to much amps from the psu an burn it out too... what do you think about my thunking.. info gleened from reading tch specs of many 0 so many graficcs cards.. yours ..lost in the wiring,, poorly head..
  3. Hard to understand what you're saying...
    Can you give us the rest of your computer specifications?
  4. thamk you adampcman an plznote for your concern,, I have put the spoon down an picked up a pen.. I have chosen a card that will replace the 9600GT 512mb with power consumption of 96watts , 64 prossesor cores etc, etc,,see nvidia site compare an buy site,,, A zolac 450 GTS with which has all the wright conections which are,,, 1 x pci 2.0 x16 slot an a 6 pin P2 lead... 106 watt power consuption. 1GB on dedicated ram,, recomended power supply minimum 400watts at 22amps,, it should be a straight swop.. the problem I thunk I had was in the power consuption and the ampage from the psu. which gives 15amps 16amps an 0.8amps non of the out puts gave 22amps . I have a 400watt power supply wich its max supply is 365 watt max on the 12volt side in total, which I worked out at 365watt divided by 12volt wich gave me 30.4 amps total.. I should be able to fitt the new card which uses 105watts divided by 12volts = 8.75amps which is only 0.75amps draw larger than the 9600GT.. this will put the psu under abit more stress but I hope it can take it.. now I have to buy a GTS 450 an fit it.. I will hope to keep u all informed of the outcome.. justone ( fear an trembling) marko .. card costs £99.26p
  5. GTS 450 will work on your current psu.

    However, i would be extra careful about first run, because your psu mets minimum requirements to power that card.

    I suggest that you do some tests and benchmarks to see if your system (with that GTS 450 card) is stable in FULL load.

    If you get bsod or pc freezes (crashes) while doing tests, benchmarks or at playing games, then install RivaTuner program and monitor card temperatures in idle and full load. If you think that gpu temperature is higher than normal you can use rivatuner program to set higher speed for your graphic card fan (cooler) and check again does your system still crashes or hangs in load (during tests or games)... IF it still crashes no matter how high you set that gpu fan speed, than you can be 100% sure that your psu is the problem!

    If that is the case, then immediately turnoff and disconnect your pc from power and start looking for stronger psu!

    I hope this helps. Cheers!
  6. Thankyou for your reply adampcman, be blessed,, my pc is not freezing or crashing, the problem is at start up with spotting the card,,,soI did purchase a nvidia 450 and carefully replaced the 96gt but it acted just like with the 96gt. not there.. went in to bios and checked settings, all ok, .. this has become an intermitant fault,, some times the pc notices the pci x16 graphics card an some times the onboard nforce 7100... so now me thunks that the problemo is not the card... returned card to CCL ( God bless em ) and they gave me a full refund :) next I checked the 400watt psu with a spair, unpluged wiring from board an main pc parts an plugged in the new spare psu,,, with lots of sweating trying not to damage othe parts,, I'm sure you'v been there,, :ouch: same problemo suprise,suprise :( , fault still intermitant to pci e x16.. ) system diagnostics says all 0k,, but does not see the intermitant fault even on full 2hr scan :sleep: ,, I is now thunking that the problem is the mother board.. cheapest 775socket board £32,, CCl.. lots of hard work try to get to the bottom of this fault, but very interesting,, shall make this my hobby :??: amelio desktop 630i is only 2years old i thunk it would last longr,, but it is just a bit under spec for,, God willing I might purchase a new spec pc, entry level, choose the parts an have it built,, £60 by the young kids,, (I hope,, masters of the custom build ) att CCL on line,, they are very patiant with me... hopefully I will keep you informed.. I is checking the pc forums to to get to the bottom of this problem and will try to get the pc up an running as new,, if it is poss an if it does'nt cost too much,, I have put the soon back in the kit draw, an the fear an trembling has stopped.. God bless and thank you for your interest an help,, If you have any other info on this problem it would be appreciated, soz about the spelling..
    this message is written by a dissgrunted amilio 630i owner,, cos i looked in the pc case,, maybe this will be the last time i buy a branded system... justone ( now wiser pc user ) marko.. be blessed.
  7. Yes you're right, graphic card and power supply unit is not the problem here!

    Your main board have problems to sometimes detect your graphic card. I strongly advise to check again your bios settings!

    You must disable your integrated graphic card first, and then set FIRST display device to be your card and NOT your integrated nforce 7100. Also check other display related settings, let google be your guide to set that bios properly.

    If you set everything right in bios and your pc still have problems then am 99% sure that your main board is the problem!

    Thank you and god bless you too.
  8. Sounds like the PSU has crapped out and probably damaged the motherboard. The Amilo does not seem like a very well designed system and that Delta PSU looks horrible...

    I see a new PSU & Motherboard in your future!

    Corsair 500W System Builder PSU
    an ASrock motherboard that fits your existing CPU / RAM

    Hopefully not too expensive.
  9. Hi adampc man an ten98,, thanks for the info,,, If I change the mobo me thuks I will have to reinstall windows an I dont have the full retail version only the oem came with pc... :cry: The mobo seems a bit on the rare side as it is a old chipsett by nvidia, 7100, 630i chipset,, plent of intel one though,,, thought about tring to get hold of a nvidia board, an reistalling from the hard drive so as not to loose the oppperatying system,, £120,, wat do you think... mobo loooks fine with non of the usuall signs of damage,,, may have to start again,, on a shoe string budget...

    Using value parts to try an rebuild the system... more info coming shortly I haop... God blesss an cheeers.. justonemarko try to save the vista 32 bit op sis..
  10. 0k guy's I is started another thread called" saving vista" coz if I change the mobo I may loose vista cos I was finding it very difficult to find n exact swop with the mobo,, old chipsett 3years or so nforce 7100/ 630i micro atx , but after searching, found it difficult... then out of the blue hills of Ducota. junpin jhahosiphat the local shopie had one on offer in their weekly sale,, exstock it said,,,so I snapedit up.. Ga 73pvm-s2 an pick it up next week together with some new ram,,
    So sofar I have put a 650w power supply in / new mobo an 4gb of ram to collect,, then I will re thunk the grafiks, with the change left..
    God bless... justone ( step nearer t the end ) marko. ps keep you informed God willing...
  11. plznote said:
    Hard to understand what you're saying...
    Can you give us the rest of your computer specifications?

    Hi here go'es 400w psu// 9600gt card// msi 73pvm micro atx mobo // 650gb hdd 7200// 4gig 667 ram// Q83 cpu // 0s vista 32bit // and a case built like a panzer tank, small an neat an thick steel,, not like the one I just got made out of paper thin foil,, lots to learn about pc's.. apretty plain looking pc,, but I is hoping to repair it on a tight budget,,

    So far i have replaced the psu with a 650w an with a little alteration to one of the conecteors to the hdd made it fit.. board ga 73pvm-s2 and 4gb at 800ram to follow shortly.. boards a bit smaller than the msi but what the heck I got a drill :lol: thanks for your interest,, God bless u..
    justone ( getting to know the inside ) marko
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