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I just bought a new AMD Athlon II X3 450 CPU and I'm confused about the temperatures readings.

When idle CoreTemp and HWMonitor both report around 24 C core temperature, which is lower than 27 C ambient temperature. In HWMonitor TMPIN1 (CPU socket?) is about 10-12 degrees higher than core temperature.

Under load (like games) the core temperature barely reaches 50 C. Running Prime95 for a few minutes gets the core temperature to about 60 C and TMPIN1 to about 71 C.

I'm using the stock cooler and Arctic Cooling MX-2 grease. While core temperature doesn't seem too high (30-40 C under normal usage), I'm concerned about TMPIN1. Are these temperatures normal or too high ?
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  1. TMP1 is the Northbridge? TMP2 are the Mosfets?? Prime95 puts some stress on the mosfets and that's why im guessing tmp2 is them but it could be the southbridge. Feel around your motherboard's heatsinks to find the culprits. You'll know 71 degrees when you feel it. Don't worry, it wont burn you.

    After you find it, buy some thermal paste and pull out the heatsink and resit it. That'll probably knock off 10 degrees. Sometimes motherboard manufacturers put cheap thermal paste on their parts, shame on them. After that you need to figure out your airflow problem. Move things around to get some airflow over the heatsinks. You can also buy Antec SpotCool System Cooler(http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000I5KSNQ/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_1?ie=UTF8&m=ATVPDKIKX0DER).

    If TMP2 is the mosfets then resiting the heatsink requires thermal tape? I've never done that but don't apply thermal paste on those guys. You risk getting thermal paste on the pins.

    Both of those temps need to be dealt with. Most likely, you have an airflow problem and improper thermal paste.

    Also, a cpu being 3 degrees cooler than ambient is suspicious. Check the temps in bios to see if they match up. The cpu temp should be easy to find. Something labeled system temp I think will correspond to northbridge or something like that, I think.
  2. After years of essentially obsessing over temps
    I have one piece of advice
    Using CoreTemp go into settings, advanced and change reading to distance to TJMax
    now the lower the distance to TJMax the hotter the CPU is getting
    as long as you dont go 20 degrees or under to TJMax
    your CPU will lead a long and happy life

    TJMax is the temperature at which your CPU will start to throttle (slow down)
    5 degrees higher than TJMax is where it will shut down

    so if you stay 20 degrees to TJMax or higher (>20) than you never have to worry about your CPU

    It is hard to break out of the mindset of looking at "real" temps but
    really as long as you dont approach closer than 20-15 degrees to your
    TJMax your CPU is fine
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