I7 cpu stock fan.

is i7 2600's stock fan can also be use as lga 775 cpu fan?
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  1. i'm almost positive that it can be. unless they changed the measurements of the 4 holes (i doubt it). because it's the same push through and clip-in apparatus. i was wondering myself if the 2600 non-k comes with a better hsf than the 2600k, because the 2600k hsf is a tiny piece of nothing tin. since they know people buying the k's are oc'ing, they may be putting the junk hsf in there and half decent ones for the non-k, if someone can confirm that. my only point being, the 2600k hsf is junk.
  2. i have an old 775 rig which stock cpu fan is malfunctioning.at the same time i got a spare i7 2600 stock fan which i tried to use to my old 775.the pins are all fit to the holes, and i manage to install to the 775 cpu. the pc manage to start-up and i use for a while then shut it down. but when i try to use the old pc again it doesnt boot anymore. i was just wondring if it has something to do with the i7 cpu fan that i uswed in my old 775.
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