ECS NFORCE3-A Motherboard

Hey, I have old motherboard which I stored it since over than 4.5 year. ECS NFORCE3-A.

Here's the information:
Is my old motherboard can functioned as well even I leave it until 4.5 year ? I want to rebuild a PC for showcase (or for own).
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  1. That old board takes ddr, and uses either socket 754 or 939; the cpus are cheap enough, but the ram isn't. Old boards sometimes have bad caps (capacitors), so see if you can borrow a cpu and ram to check it out before spending any money on it.
  2. I have an DDR memory, but I lost AMD Sempron CPU. So I will find AMD Athlon 64 CPU later. But, if caps was shaking (or almost detached), is motherboard still functioned as well ?
  3. Unless the parts are almost free, test it first. Don't spend too much on an old board.
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