ATI Mobility Radeon HD 550v or NVIDIA GeForce GT420M

Hello there everyone, I'm deciding to buy a new laptop to replace my desktop since I need it for my college lessons recently, but I'd also like a gaming solution for things like WoW, BF2BC2 and Minecraft. I'm targeting within the £500-600 bracket. I've recently come across two potential laptops:




Looking at both graphics cards reviews on notebookcheck, the 550v is a underclocked version of the ATI Radeon HD 5650, which I've heard is slightly better than the Geforce 420m.

Just wondering which is the better graphics card for performence and speed, I don't use anything too graphically demanding, so these laptops seem perfect for me.

If there is any better laptops within my price range, please do link, otherwise, anwsering this question will help me loads! Thanks!
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  1. Been reading more up on the two graphics cards, I've noticed the 550v has more pipelines but slower core and memory speeds, the benchmarks are kinda even, some games favouring one or the other...

    Still need help deciding!
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