955 BE running hot in BIOS?

Finshed most of my build and booted into the BIOS to check some settings, and was a bit surprised to see the temperatures where they where.

Motherboard: ASRock 970 Extreme4
CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE
Case: Cooler Master Elite 430 with 120mm front fan and 90mm exhaust fan
CPU Cooler: Stock

I used some Antec Formula 6 thermal compound I bought at Staples after I noticed the high temps, and it brought it down a bit, but still, results aren't good:

With the side of the case off, it was showing 30C, and then climbed all the way to 43C. Motherboard temp was about 6 degrees below the CPU temp. This is also with it undervolted to 1.2V.

Nothing is overclocked or anything. I'd boot it up to check the temps under load and all but my hard drive and optical drive haven't arrived yet, so I can't. But it still seems way too high, even with the stock cooler.

Is this typical, or should I RMA it as a bad chip and heatsink? I'd rather not spend any more for a better cooler yet, as I don't intend on overclocking for a while, I just need a working desktop as my old one broke.
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  1. u need a aftermarket cooler there is noting wrong with the chip what is your case tempetaure are u could re apply some thermal compound on it like artic silver
  2. those temps are actually good with a stock cooler heh.

    btw up that voltage or your going to end up bleeding the chip to death. those phenom 2's are built good for abuse, give it a lot of voltage, but giving it barely enough isn't advisable. 1.4
  3. If the case temperature is the same as the M/B temperature in the BIOS (which I assume it is), it's 37C. Ambient temperature is about 28C (80F).

    From some comparisons this compound is comparable to the Arctic Silver, so it shouldn't make a big difference there.

    Even with the stock cooler though, internet searches show that the temp should be at least lower than what I'm getting.
  4. Just upped it to 1.375V, and the temperature is up to 49C, and the M/B temp at 38C. Sounds like I have not a lot of headroom for when it's at full load, so I think I might call AMD and try to RMA it, as it makes it almost impossible to game.
  5. what is your temp reading in os? internet search is wrong. 30c on that chip with a stock cooler is optimal. your climbing to 43 while sitting in the bios, go into the os and check your temp. if you're idling at 43 in os, then yea its slightly high. again i would definitely advise atleast moving your voltage up to 1.3. arctic silver will lower your temp about 5c from antec with that setup.
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