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Hi guys,

So, I'm just looking for parts for my new PC, which will be for gaming. I'm hoping to use it for the next three years or so.

I've pretty much found my graphics card (GTX 560Ti) but I'm looking for a good CPU for it. From what I've gathered, the i5 2500K is quite good for my needs. I was thinking of getting this one:

I'd appreciate your feedback!

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  1. The i3 2100 would be good enough but the 2500K is even better if you want to spend the cash.
  2. If you are on a budget a phenom 955 would be good but if you got extra cash the 2500k would be the best bang for your buck.
  3. Yeah, the 2500k is pretty much the best processor on the market (excluding the i7 2600k). It's definitely worth the extra money for that one, though I recommend buying it from a US site. You can save yourself a good £25 (about $50) if you buy from American sellers, at least, assuming VAT still doesn't get tacked on for international orders. If it does, then...disregard that.
  4. But the issue with buying from American sites is:

    a) customer support (if I need to return something, customs, postage, etc..) will be very expensive.
    b) Won't transport costs be very expensive?
  5. That is true, I somehow did not take that into account :\. Sorry 'bout that :(
  6. disregard buying from american sites nsol. You'll get shatted on by import taxes etc etc (big bro gov always finds a way to tax ya).

    Not to mention the aftermentioned customer support issues and transportation costs...

    The i5-2500k is a the best bang for the buck processor if it fits the budget so thats a good choice. It might be worth your time to price hunt around and see if you get cheaper deals but i'd say youre set processor and video card wise.
  7. 2500k is best my friend have it and see this link this will show you the true power of 2500k in gaming its score are better then i7 2600k see you self
  8. ^@pell The 2500K is only ahead in 1 of the 4 gaming tests they use. That's like saying the Phenom II X6 is better because it comes out ahead on one encoding benchmark so no.

    The 2600K is the best you can get if you can afford it. Only older games and some server applications that are negatively affected by hyper threading would show the 2500K on top. Even though the 2500k is second it's a close second and is alot cheaper. It is definitely a great bang for the buck especially when you overclock it.
  9. Flat out go with the Intel® Core™ i5-2500K, if there is a better processor for gaming in both performance and performance vs. value I haven’t seen it yet.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  10. @ mega dude i dont knw any thing about amds bcz they have 0.01% market share pakistan and we use intel here so i am telling about intel
  11. +1 to intelenthusiat go for i5 as i said before
  12. if u can wait for a month or two u can buy the zambezi's which are 8 cores and will take the phenom ii prices it will give u the best performance and also it will be cheaper than the 2500k or u can buy a phenom ii processor with a mobo compatible with the AM3 + socket ;)
  13. omarBaRcA said:
    if u can wait for a month or two u can buy the zambezi's which are 8 cores and will take the phenom ii prices it will give u the best performance and also it will be cheaper than the 2500k or u can buy a phenom ii processor with a mobo compatible with the AM3 + socket ;)

    This is a rather bold statement in light of the fact that there are as of yet absolutely zero gaming benchmarks out there to factually form this opinion prior to Bulldozer's release...; the statement also assumes 8 core cpus will be available for $225 which might be true, but I doubt you will find the highest clocked samples for this price range....

    One thing is for sure...

    The 2500k is fast now, and will not suddenly be slow even *IF* the 8 core/4 module Zambezi manages to keep pace with or outframe it, which, I seriously doubt it will anyway.
  14. Thank you so much guys, and apologies for getting back to you so late.

    In regards to cooling for the CPU, do intel CPUs still come with fans? (Sorry, it's been a few years since I built my last PC). If so, are these good enough or do I need another one?
  15. Nsol, yes all boxed or retail, 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processors come with a HSF (heatsink/fan) that is good for normal speeds and temperatures with that processor. If you are going to try to overclock with a processor I would advise that you look for a good 3rd party replacement HSF for your system.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  16. If you get an OEM CPU then it will not have a fan included but as stated a retail one will. If you are not overclocking then they are good enough, if you are you can try them and check your temps but don't expect to much without a better cooler.
  17. i am also going for i3 2100k and 2500k is better dont know about cooling
  18. There is no -K version of the i3. Only the i5 2500 and i7 2600 have a -K variant. Other than those two, no other Sandy Bridge chips can be overclocked beyond 5 Mhz, and even that is an optimistic guess. Because of the way SB works, the entire system bases its timings on the 100Mhz FSB speed, so if you raise/lower that by any more than 2 or 3Mhz your computer will suddenly be very unstable, and probably not even boot at all without resetting the CMOS. Only -k series chips can be overclocked to any significant degree, as they are the only ones with unlocked multipliers.
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