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Memory&Mobo Problem

Hello guys im new in this forum and i have a noobish question can anyone help me?

Recently i bought an Msi g41m-p26 Mobo and it says it only supports 1066 ddr3ram, but im using it with 1333 one.. does it affect performance..and my processor its pentium 4 prescott HT..with only 800fbs.. it its compatible with the 1333? my pc its so freaking slow :S and the usage cpu its more than 80% always.. i dunno if my ratio its bad, or my processor isnt compatible, can anyone help me please? :(
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    The DDR3-1333 kit will run at a reduced Frequency (1066 or 800 MHz) by default so it's fine to run the kit.

    MSI G41M-P26 -
    - Supports FSB 800/1066/1333 MHz
    - Supports two DIMM DDR3 800/1066/1333*(OC) DRAM

    To remedy the 80% try running MSCONFIG and turn-off the Startup items (Disable All), and also Services [x] Hide All Microsoft Services ... then deselect the unneeded items, click OK and reboot.
  2. Thank you so much for the answer :)!

    But the processor, its ok? i 2 months ago i had a worst pc..and i could run games better than this im thinking that something its wrong ..since i have a better pc the FPS should be higher but..:( the FPS are so bad now.
  3. If one of the sticks is bad or improperly seated (bad) then sure it's the RAM.

    I don't know which OS you have, but a tell tale is if the Hardware reserved is > (greater) than one stick; Windows 7 see the Resource Monitor -

    Also, 4GB is IMO the minimum for gaming.

    Q - What exact RAM do you have? ; provide a link.
  4. This is the link

    i know 4gb ram its the minimun to gaming but..the games i play dont need even 2gb of ram..its like play station 1 games and so.. in my older pc i had the same processor, 1gb ddr1 ram..and geforce 5200.. and i could play perfectly with thats why im a little confused about why i cant play if this pc its so much better
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    Found your problem, the KVR1333D3D4R9S/4G is ECC RAM, but your MOBO only supports non-ECC. Only Intel Xeon can support ECC RAM.

    Therefore, exchange you RAM. :(
  6. aww :( well so thats the problem so i need to change the ram, well thanks :D now i know why the games are not working well lmao :)
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